What is a U part wig?

According to recent market surveys, U-part wigs are becoming more and more popular. Why are so many customers choosing to buy a U-part wig? Are U-part wigs suitable for you? What is a U-part wig? Don’t worry. Here will explain those questions about U-part wigs in detail.

What is a U part wig?

A U part wig is a wig with a U-shaped opening on the wig cap. This U-shaped opening can be located in the center, middle, left or right of your head. Typically, this U part is in the middle and can be filled with your own hair. So, wearing a U-part wig is comparatively friendly to your own hair in this U-shaped part. With this wig, your hair will look natural and seems like it is grown from your scalp.


Except for this U-shaped part, other areas are made of human hair. There are combs and adjustable straps sewn underneath the wig, which can secure your wig tightly. 

About hair texture, you can choose a loose wave, curly, kinky curly, body wave, or straight. If you want a big wave hairstyle, loose wave and body wave U-part wigs are highly recommended. If you want an elegant and silky hairstyle, you can purchase a straight U-part wig.


How to install a U part wig?

1. Measure your head with a U part wig and leave enough natural hair

In doing this, you can know how many hairs need to be parted and tied away. You can place your U-part human hair wig on your head. Separate your natural hairs on this U-shaped part and secure them with a rubber band. 

You are welcome to leave some of your natural hair out to cover the front head, playing the role of your hairline. You can select to braid or tie up for this hairline part so that it doesn’t go into the other braids.

Measure your head with a U part wig and leave enough natural hair
Source: Youtube @ESSENCE

2. Braid the left hair 

In order o wear it conveniently, it is advised to braid the left hair in cornrows. You can tie these cornrows up and keep them as flat and smooth as possible. Or else, you can use clips to pin those cornrows flatly.

Braid the left hair
Source: Youtube @ESSENCE

3. Put on your U part wig

You can put on your wig and use combs to secure it tightly. 

Put on your U part wig
Source: Youtube @ESSENCE

4. Untie the hairline section and start to style it

For the hairs on the two sides, you can untie them at first. If you wear a straight U-part wig, you can use an electric curling rod to make your hairline look sleek and match the wig style. If you wear a body wave U-part wig, you can curl your hairline.

5. Handle your natural hair under the U part

You can untie your natural hair under the U part and comb them to make them as much smooth as possible. Then use an electric curling rod to handle that natural hair under this part. The final result is to make your wig relatively undetectable.

Can you sleep in a U-part wig?

Sleeping in a U part wig is allowed but not suggested. As you can imagine, when you sleep in a U part wig, your natural hair in this U part should care adequately. If you have overlooked handling your natural hair, you may get annoyed to see your messy hair in the morning. If you are wearing a curly U-part wig, you should braid your natural hair and wigs before going to bed. Just like other lace wigs, you would better sleep in a silky pillow and use a silk scarf to wrap it. 

All in all, sleeping in a U part wig is OK. But, if you want to lengthen your wig’s service life, it is unwise to wear it in sleeping.

U part wig VS Full lace wig

Full lace wigs and U-part wigs are different types, and both have advantages. Compared to a full lace wig, a U-part wig has the following benefits. 

1. Friendly to your natural hair

Thanks to the U-shaped opening, your natural hair can be liberated and breathe freely in this part. This U-shaped part will protect your natural hair from any damages and prevent hair loss. You will feel more comfortable and relaxed when wearing a U-part wig.

2. Easy to make parts

You can separate your hair parting in this U-shaped part as long as you like. 

3. More natural 

With your own natural hair, it seems that you don’t wear any wigs at all, and all hairs are growing from your head. There are no elastic nets in this U-shaped part so that the final wearing effect will look more natural.

4. Lots of hair textures and colors you can choose

U-part wigs provide great wig textures and colors for you. Among those colorful wigs, kinky straight U-part wigs, water wave U-part wigs, and straight U-part wigs are very popular among wig fans as well as wig beginners.

5. No glues and adhesives

Using combs to secure your U-part wig will save glues and adhesives. You don’t have to apply wig glues when secure your wig, and the final effect is still excellent.

6. Cheap price.

 The price is the cheapest of all kinds of human hair wigs, and it is easy to maintain.

Just as the saying goes, “things always have two sides.” We can’t deny that a U-part wig has its disadvantages.

What is u part wig’s disadvantages?

1. Require enough hairs to wear a wig

Due to the U-shaped opening, you need to measure your head before wearing and leave good-enough natural hairs to fill up this space. It is not easy to comb your wigs if you go too many natural hairs. If you leave a few real hairs, the whole wearing style will not be perfect.

2. Color difference between your wig and real hair

When you put on your U-part wig, you need to notice that your natural hair should be matched to your wig. If there is a color difference, maybe your friends will see it is not your hair.

3. Short service life

As you can see, U-part wigs are easy to get damaged if you spend little time in maintenance. Compared to full lace wigs, U-part wigs have a short service life.

4. No dye

Since this U-shaped part is filled with your hair, you cannot dye your own hair to match it with your wig. Unless you can suffer that your hair looks different in color after taking off your wig, you can dye hairs in this U part.

Where to buy a U-part wig?

CYWIGS has various U part wigs for our customers. If you want to buy a special U-part wig, we can also provide customized service. If you want to know more about customed wigs or other human hair wigs, please get in touch with us at any time.

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