T Part Wigs VS Lace Front Wigs, Which One Is Better?

Do you know what are T part wigs and lace front wigs? Do you know the difference between them? Do you know which one is more suitable for you? If you have no ideas about these questions, you are in the right place. 

What is a T part wig?

T part wig has a T-shaped lace in the middle of the wig. The lace of the T part wig is 13 inches in circumference and 4-6 inches in length. With a T part wig, you can part your wig from the middle of your head and the whole wearing effect looks pretty natural.

What is a human hair lace front wig?

The lace front wig has lace in the frontal of your head. The lace of lace front wig is 13 inches in circumference and 4 or 6 inches in length as well. But the lace area is larger than T part wig. With a lace front wig, you can part your wig from any direction. 

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1. Natural effect.

Their hairlines are all-natural. Wearing these two wigs can give your friends a natural effect that seems the hair is growing from your head. 

2. Circumference length

The circumference is from ear to ear and the laces for both wigs are 13 inches in circumference. 

3. Materials

They are all made of 100% human hair so that they all look like real hair rather than synthetic hair.

4. Inner components

Both T part wig and lace front wig have three or four combs, breathable elastic nets, and adjustable straps. With these components, these two wigs can be tightly secured. You can also feel more comfortable after putting one of the wigs on.


1. Lace length

Their specific lace area is different.

2. Parting

If you want to part your wig from the middle, it is suggested to buy a T part wig because the lace extends from the top of your head. The lace front wig can be separated from any direction because the lace is enough and available for making partings from any direction.

3. Price

Both T part wig and lace front wig are made of human hair and are not as cheap as synthetic hair. But a T part wig is much cheaper because only T-shaped areas are made by hand. A lace front wig is a little more expensive than that of a T part wig because all lace areas are made by hand. 

4. Hairstyles

For T part wig, not all hairstyles can be realized, for example, high ponytail and braid may be difficult to make. However, a lace front wig has lots of hairstyles for you to choose from, including high or low ponytails, braids, and buns.

5. Wearing steps

When you want to put on a T part lace wig, it is very simple. You just need to put on it at first, then use an adjustable strap to secure your head, and at last clip your hair with combs. To make the wig more natural, you can also fix the lace part with glue.

When you want to wear a lace front wig, the step is a little more complex than that of a T part wig. 

Which one is more suitable for you?

You may wonder which one is better after realizing their difference. It depends on your need.

If you like separating your hair in the middle part, dislike spending lots of time putting on your wig, have little demands on hairstyles, and want to spend a little money to get one, you can choose a T part wig.

Or else, if you want to have various partings, get more hairstyles, and don’t care about money, it is suggested to buy a 13X4 lace front wig or 13X6 lace front wig.

All in all, different wigs have a different wearing effects. It is no doubt that these charming wigs will give you a changeable appearance and bring you confidence. If you want to get a proper wig, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will try out best to help you to choose a suitable wig .

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