Can You Sleep in a Lace Front Wig?

If you are a fanatic of lace front wigs, you might be familiar with the characteristics. When talking about whether to take off your wig before sleeping or sleeping in it, you may have your own opinions.

Maybe you get used to taking off your wig before going to bed, and maybe you are bothered to do it and prefer to sleep in a wig. That all depends on your mood. However, no matter what ways you choose, it is better to know the pros and cons therein. 

Advantages of sleeping in a lace front wig

1. Liberate yourself from the relevant complicated procedures and save lots of time. 

Just imagine that you are dog-tired the whole day,to a great extent, you are reluctant to do anything energy-draining after going home. At this time, it is understandable that you want to sleep in a lace front wig and get rid of those complex procedures, including taking away and caring for your wig.

2. Go out quickly in the next morning. 

We all know time is taut in the everyday morning. If you choose to sleep in a lace front wig, you don’t need to waste your time wearing it anymore. Dress yourself up simply and you can go out in a hurry. 

3. Give others a 100% perfect image even if you are sleeping. 

Every girl wants to leave others a good impression, especially those persons who are important. Just as the saying goes, “Beauty is the eyes of the beholder.” You must want your boyfriend to think you are the most beautiful one even though you are sleeping. Therefore, at this time, it is highly suggested that you put on your wig in sleeping because all of us don’t want others, especially our boyfriend, to see our not-so-perfect image after taking off the wig. 

4. Sleeping in a lace front wig is very friendly to a newbie.

If you are a wig beginner, you will be no longer bothered trying to explore how to put on or take off your wig every day when you sleep in a lace front wig. At the very beginning, as a newbie, you may be unfamiliar with the steps of wearing or taking off a lace front wig. If you wear your wig in sleeping, you just need to enjoy the beautiful moment of wearing a wig after getting rid of those complicated steps. 

5. Sleep a lot! 

You can have more time to sleep. Just imagine those hours you saved, and in turn you can spend more time sleeping. Don’t you feel happier?

Although we know there are many advantages when sleeping in a lace front wig, we can’t overlook its disadvantages.

Disadvantages of sleeping in a lace front wig

1. Shorten the lifespan of your wig

Friction between your wig and pillowcase will damage and shorten the service time of your wig. You can’t guarantee you never turn over in sleeping, and friction is easy to exist when your lace front wig frequently gets in touch with your pillowcase, which is terrible for your wig. What’s more, deformation is more likely to occur when you lie in bed with your wig put on. It will take you lots of time to refresh your deformed lace front wig as before. 

2. Need to wear your wig again in the next morning

In sleeping, it is easy to compress your lace front wig so that it is easy to fall off at this moment. When your wig falls off in sleeping, you also need to wear it the following day and care for your wig as usual. 

3. See your messy human hair every morning

It is possible that your wake up with your lace front wig messed up every morning. Maybe you don’t want to look at your messy wig and have a bad mood as soon as you get up. And it is a hassle to take care of your messed lace front wig. 

4. Damage your natural hair

It is detrimental to your natural hair if you always wear a wig in sleeping and never take it off. We all know our natural hairs need to breathe. Sleeping in a wig will hinder your hair follicle from getting in touch with airs.

5. Feel not good and uncomfortable

The feeling of sleeping in a lace front wig isn’t as comfortable as taking it off. It is not hard to imagine how free it is when we take off it in sleeping. At this time, your scalp will be relaxed and emancipated from the shackles so that your whole body can enjoy such a relaxed moment.

So, you may wonder that whether you can sleep in a lace front wig. The answer is YES. As long as you take measures to protect your wig in sleeping, you can definitely sleep in a lace front wig despite of those disadvantages. CYWIGS has the following suggestions for you.

7 useful tips for sleep in a lace front wig

1. Buy a suitable wig that you can sleep with it

A human hair wig with bangs is suitable for wearing in sleeping. This type of wig has soft human hairs and stretchable characteristics. With this human hair wig, your scalp is covered with bangs so that it looks like it is your own hairline. Since its natural and soft features, you can feel free to wear this human hair wig with bangs in sleeping.


2. Comb your lace front wig smoothly

Before going to bed, you should comb your lace front wig as smoothly as possible. Make sure there are no tangles among your lace front wig since tangles are not easy to comb in the next morning and will get messier in sleeping. Here, moisturizers, anti-static spray, and synthetic hair balm are helpful to maintain your hairstyle. 

3. Tie up your human hair in sleeping

If you want to sleep in a wig and maintain its shape at the same time, you can pull your wig back into a ponytail, a bun, or braid your wig hair. Pulling your wig behind your ears and tying down your wig are keys to securing it and keeping it flat as if you put it on before sleeping. If you pass this step by, there may be a big chance that your wig might move and get messed up. 

Tie up your human hair in sleeping
Source: Youtube @Ms MuffinIsMyLovers

4. Use a soft band or scarf

You can utilize a soft band or scarf for wrapping around your whole head. With a soft band or scarf secured, your wig is not easy to move around even if you lay tossing and turning. If you want an excellent fixing effect, you can pin your soft band or scarf with hair clips to secure your wig. 

women put on a wig with a soft band or scarf

5. Use an easy to use silk cap or bonnet

Here, a silk cap or bonnet is also suggested, which is easier to implement because you need to put your cap or bonnet on after fixing your hairline. You can buy a silk cap or bonnet through online shop. Various caps or bonnets are available, including silk bonnet, hair bonnet for sleeping, satin bonnet for curly hair with tie band, and nightcap for black women. If you have bought a needed silk cap or bonnet and need to use it right now, your soft bathing cap is OK to grab your wig.

an easy to use silk cap for wigs
a women put on a wig bonnet before go to bed
Source: Youtube @Sophiology

6. Sleep in a satin pillowcase

A good pillowcase is very important for you to sleep in a lace front wig. When you use a soft band or scarf, it is highly recommended to use a satin pillowcase. There will be little friction between those soft materials and it will protect your wig to a great extent.

7. Take care of your lace front wig after getting up

If you found your lace front wig looks a little dry and stale, you can use a water bottle to spray your wig down lightly. If you have bought a curly wig, mousse is a helpful tool to fix these curls. You can also run your wig with your fingers lightly to determine whether there are tangles in your wig. If there exist tangles, you can use a wig comb to comb it smoothly. To get a charming appearance, you can make your baby hair with a brush or tail comb.

All in all, if your want to sleep in a lace front wig and maintain its shape, please spend time in taking care of your wig before going to bed. Those steps mentioned above are helpful for you to keep a good effect and lengthen your wig’s service life. Just do it and be a delicate girl!   

Do you have other tips for sleeping in a lace front wig? Please comment below.

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