Sew In Hairstyles for Black People 2022

Recently, there has been a trend of making sew in hairstyles among black people. For wig customers, sew in hairstyles mean hair weaves are sewn in their own hairs to extend their hair length. Their hair will look pretty dense and beautiful. In this article, we will explain proper methods of sewing in hair bundles, and several fashionable hairstyles in 2022.

How to sew in a pretty hair weave?

1. Braid your hair

They tend to braid their natural hair into cornrows at first. Your styling designer needs to spend lots of time and attention in this step because braiding your short hair is very complicated. 

Please remember to leave some hair on your top head to get a natural visual result. In this part, you can use a clip to clamp it or tighten these hairs with a rubber band.

Braid your hair
Source: Youtube @Alaysia Mone’t

2. Sew in hair bundles

Then, a C-shaped needle is needed to sew hair bundles into your cornrows. This sewing method in hair bundles has an incomparable advantage: it is highly secured on your own hair.

Or else, instead of sewing into their cornrows, some black people choose to use a cap and sew in hair bundles into the cap. This method also has its advantage. Namely, you can put on or take off your sew-in human hair wig at any time.

Usually, they need to prepare four or five hair bundles so that their human hair will look very rich and dense.

Sew in hair bundles
Source: Youtube @Alaysia Mone’t

Your hairstyling designer needs to sew it layer by layer from the bottom to the top. When it comes to the top part, you can just lay it down to cover the strings of hair bundles.

cover the strings of hair bundles
Source: Youtube @Alaysia Mone’t

Finally, it seems that dense and beautiful hairs grow from their scalp. 

3. Use hair tooling to make it look more natural

If you make curly hair weave styles, you can use a curler to make it look more curler. If you are making straight hair weave styles, a flat hair iron is helpful to make it look smooth.

Fashionable sew in hairstyles for black people in 2022

1. Short curly bob hairstyle

Short curly hairstyle is becoming popular for black people. This hairstyle can be matched to different clothes and face shapes. People who wear them look charming and experienced. 

Short curly bob hairstyle

2. Short straight bob haircut

Lots of superstars are fond of this short straight bob haircut. This hairstyle looks pretty gentle and charming and is usually cut when parallel to your shoulders. When you dress up in a long skirt, you cannot imagine how beautiful it is.

highlight color 4X4 Lace closure Bob Wig

3. Deep wave hairstyle

This deep wave looks very energetic and young when black girls and women sew in curly human bundles. The length is usually 22 inches. Admittedly, this hairstyle will show your small face and highlight you’re nice looking.

peruvian virgin hair bundles with closure deep wave texture

4. Body wave hairstyles

African-American women want a thicker and delicate hairstyle, and they usually choose to sew in body wave hair bundles.

This body wave hairstyle has a big curly design and gives others that your hair looks very casual. When you sew in such a hairstyle, you may show others that you are very sexy, romantic, and casual. Natural hairlines will give your friends an illusion, just like your human hair is so healthy and natural. It is no doubt that black people love this hairstyle very much.

CYWIGS 7A Body Wave Human Hair Bundles

5. Straight long hairstyle

If you are a quiet girl or woman, you can choose a straight hairstyle. It seems that your hair is very smooth and glorious. Most black people tend to have black and naturally long straight hair.

transparent remy hair lace frontal with 3 bundles

6. Oversized cornrows

After braiding their natural hair, they will continue to connect their hair weaves with their short cornrows. This unique hairstyle will show others you are a special and beautiful girl. With this oversized cornrow, it seems that your hair is long and tidy.

Oversized cornrows hairstyle
Source: Pinterest

7. Hairstyle with half up

If you want to dress like a princess, you can try this hairstyle- half up and half down. Braid your human hair on the two sides and decorate it with exquisite hairpins.

8. Hairstyle with a braided bun

Recently, hairstyles with braided buns are becoming popular for black people. It seems very special when wearing this hairstyle. After putting on your wig correctly, you can tie up your human hair in a high place and make a braided bun. If possible, you may add some beautiful ornaments to your bun, which will improve the whole effect.

The above eight hairstyles are trendy for African-American people, and lots of people choose to buy such hair bundles or weaves.

Looking for the hair bundles to sew in your hairstyles? CYWIGS is the best place for you. CYWIGS provide many kinds of hair bundles, and bundles with closure,budles with frontal. You are welcome to contact us for more information about hairstyles or hair bundles.

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