6 Steps To Remove a Lace Front Wig Easily

As we mentioned before, a lace front wig is the most common product among various wigs, and we have shared several tips for installing a lace front wig according to their different types. Today, CYWIGS would like to show you how to properly remove a lace front wig without damaging the hairline and edges instead of just pulling it off with great force.

Meanwhile, you can learn what you should prepare for before taking action and how to deal with your hairline and your lace front wig after removing it. We need to take off our lace front wig correctly, which helps prevent damage to our hairline, edges, and scalp. As we all know, correct cleaning and maintenance can maintain a natural appearance for a wig and extend its lifespan. 

13X4 Lace Front Orange Ginger Color 3
CYWIGS 13×4 Lace Front Wig

Products and tools that you will need to remove your human hair wig

In all things, success lies in previous preparations and there will be a failure without advanced preparations. Before we begin taking off our lace front wig, we had better get the following tools ready.

  1. ClipsSpray bottle
  2. A brush
  3. Cotton towel
  4. An adhesive remover
  5. A rat tail comb

There are a variety of adhesive removers available to remove a lace front wig, so let us have an overview of their features. 

Warm water mixture

Warm water with a proper amount of salt or soda is the mildest and cheapest adhesive remover. It should be on top of the list for people who are allergic to chemicals. However, it may take you a little longer to get rid of all adhesives than using other substitutes. If you want to save money or worry too much about damaging your skin, it is worth spending more time on it.

Alcohol-based adhesive remover

Alcohol is used most frequently because it is easy to purchase and at a low price. On the other hand, it evaporates quickly and will make your hairline dry soon. So you need to apply it more frequently if the lace is too tight. 

Oil-based adhesive remover

Oil is friendly to the skin and you can choose a special emollient oil or olive oil to add to your lace of the wig. Compared with the warm water mixture, the oil-based adhesive remover is generally more effective, so it is a better choice for those who believe that alcohol might harm their skin and lace front wig.

Special solvent for lace front wigs 

There are many kinds of unique solvent products for lace front wigs nowadays. Many of our clients are pleased with them because they are convenient and practical for removing their lace front wig. However, here is a reminder that when you select a particular solvent, please be aware of your skin condition and check the product ingredients carefully. These preparations are essential before you buy a suitable one.

Remove your lace front wig

Having got all things prepared, it is time that we set out to take off our lace front wig. What you need to do is to follow our suggestions step by step and you will find it is not complicated at all.

1. Clip your hair

In order to prevent the hair of your lace front wig far from the adhesive remover, clip your hair backward and keep it far from the front lace. When it comes to a lace front wig with long hair, it is more convenient to carry out the following steps if tying a ponytail.

clip your hair backward

2. Spray the adhesive remover

Spray some adhesive removers on one side of the front lace and massage this part gently until you see a line or a gap between your hairline and the lace. If the gap is too small, just apply more removers into it and do a massage again. Once it is big enough for the tip of a comb handle or rat tail comb, move on to the next step.

Spray some adhesive removers on one side of the front lace
Source: Youtube @xoxoshanta

3. Separate the lace from hairline

Make the tip of a rat tail comb enter the gap and then move along your hairline gently and slowly a few inches to the middle of your forehead. By doing so, this side of lace will be separated from your hairline. Next, do the same thing on the other side and you are almost there. During this stage, you can apply some pressure to help separate the lace from your forehead, but you have to be careful not to pull the lace violently. If you feel the lace is pretty tight at some point, apply more removers on the part and massage it until it is loose enough. In all, the more adhesive removers you spray, the easier it is to dissolve the adhesive.

Separate the lace from hairline
Source: Youtube @xoxoshanta

4. Peel the wig off

Now the lace is completely separated from your hairline, so just grab both sides of its front area and carefully take off the whole wig. After removing your lace front wig successfully, you had better spend some time maintaining the wig and your skin.

Peel the wig off
Source: Youtube @xoxoshanta

5. Clean the glue on your hairline

Congratulations on taking off your wig, and it is also important to get rid of the residue on your forehead. Dip a cotton towel in the adhesive remover and use it to wipe all adhesives off gently. Then wash your hairline with clean water so that there will not be any trace and it doesn’t cause harm to your skin.

Clean the glue on your hairline
Source: Youtube @xoxoshanta

6. Wash the lace front wig

Apply some shampoo on the lace and do a massage. Then use a small brush to clean the glue gently because you don’t hope to cause any damage to it. If there is too much glue, you need to wash the brush several times.  

wash and clean a lace wig with shampoo
Source: Youtube @SIMONESHARICE

Once you think the glue is obliterated, clean the whole wig. First, spray some shampoo on the hair, hold the front part of the wig with one hand and run it underwater. After that, please put it on a wig head and dry the water with a clean towel. Then comb it from top to bottom several times and put it in a well-ventilated place to let it dry naturally.

Source: Youtube @SIMONESHARICE

Since we have learned how to install and remove a lace front wig, it is time for you to try it yourself. You can also come and browse cywigs.com. There is a wide range of high quality wigs, including lace front wigs, lace closure wigs and relevant products for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to leave them here.

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