How To Pluck a Lace Front Wig? (Step to Steps Tutorial)

Lace front wigs are helpful tools to bring you delicate and beautiful hair. Every beauty who wears a lace front wig is desired to get a natural appearance. In this regard, a natural and authentic hairline is essential to get a perfect effect. But how can you get a natural and authentic hairline? About this question, it is related to how to pluck a lace front wig properly. Here are some valuable tips and suggestions for you.

Why do we need to pluck a lace front wig?

A lace front wig looks pretty thick before plucking. But we all know that natural hair isn’t so thick like that. Just as the saying goes, “a clumsy denial results in self exposure”. Those excess human hairs will give others a sign that you have worn a lace front wig. Therefore, we need to pluck the lace frontal to get an effect of a thin and natural hairline. 

Actually, the method isn’t so complicated. You can definitely get a natural hairline and perfect lace font wig when you put more patience and attention.

How to pluck a lace front wig?

1. Bleach the Apparent Knots

If you buy a dark colored wig, such as a black lace front wig, you will notice some tiny black dots on the lace, which can be seen in appearance. These unbleached knots can affect the natural appearance of lace front wigs because the hair on the lace is hand tied connected one by one. Each thread will have a small black knot after it is fixed. It is difficult for us to notice these knots from a distance. Some people don’t mind it, but quite a few pursue perfection and don’t want to ignore these details. So you have to handle them before wearing them. One of the effective ways is using bleaches to bleach your lace front wig.

Here you need a tail comb, a quick white powder lightener kit, tin foil or plastic wrap, shampoos, and conditioners. After all tools are ready, you can follow the following methods to make it. 

(1) Spray the already-prepared water to your lace frontal.

(2) You need to comb your lace front wig through a tail comb.

(3) If you want to bleach those apparent knots on your wig, you can utilize a quick white powder lightener kit.

(4) Pouring this quick white powder lightener kit into a plastic bowl and mixing it, you can use a brush to apply the mixed white powder lightener on your lace frontal.

(5) If you want to have an immediate and noticeable effect, you can use tin foil or plastic wrap to cover the lace frontal with mixed white powder lightener.

(6) You should put the wig aside for at least 20 minutes and wait until the knots are decolored. Those mixed white powder lighteners can work perfectly with this step, and those knots will fade in color.

(7) You can put the lace front wig under running water and rinse it carefully.

(8) Use shampoos and conditioners to nourish your lace front wig.

(9) You can put the lace front wig under the running water again to wash the wig cleanly.

utilize a quick white powder lightener kit on a lace wig
Source: Youtube @Kenny Sweets The Barb

After completing the above steps, majorities of knots will be bleached, and your lace front wig will look more natural than before. There is no need to bleach the knots for light-colored wigs such as 613 blonde wigs because the tiny knots are invisible.

For wig beginners, If you don’t want to bleach but still want your scalp to look more realistic, here is an easy way for you. You can apply some foundation or concealer to the lace. In this case, the small nodes are not apparent, which will make the wig more natural and realistic.

2. Pluck your lace frontal

With the multitude of knots bleached, you can pluck your lace frontal. Good tools are essential things. You need to prepare a wig head, a wig stand, some pins, tweezers, a rubber band, and a tail comb. 

(1) Place your lace front wig on a wig head and secure your lace front wig with some pins.

(2) Comb it until your lace front wig is smooth and unknotted. It is good to comb it as much as smoothly. If it is not easy to get a soft effect, you can spray some water on your lace front wig and it will help you comb your lace front wig.

(3) Separate some human hair apart. The best method to separate some human hair is to use a tail comb to separate it from your left ear to your right ear. Or else, you can separate some human hair apart along with your frontal. 

(4) Use a rubber band to tie up the remaining lace front wig, not including that separated human hair. In doing this, it will be easier to pluck a lace front wig.

(5) Use a tweezer to pluck the frontal hair of your lace front wig. Here comes the  essential step. You can separate the few frontal hairs into three or four parts again. Use a tweezer to pluck the most left-separated part. The left middle position, the proper middle position, and the most suitable part are successive. Here is an advice for you, you can pluck a few human hairs at a time, or you can hold those human hairs that will be plucked. When you finish one part, you can check whether it has come to your satisfactory results. If it is not, you can continue to pluck until your hairline looks natural and life like. But remember, you cannot pluck lots of human hairs at a time, and it is good for you to leave some space to get back. It is easy to pluck your human hairs while it is hard to change them into their original look.

(6) When you pluck your lace front wig, you can observe the place with too thick human hair. You need to continue to pluck until it is close to the natural hair amount for that place.

Pluck your lace frontal (before & after)
Source: Youtube @Ambre Renee

3. Please avoid the following points

(1) In the process of removing residual knots, do not let your tweezer clamp the lace to protect your lace from getting damaged by the tweezer.

(2) Each time when you pluck, please do not pluck too much. You can do it in low intensity and high frequency.

(3) To operate smoothly, please get those useful tools ready before plucking your lace front wig.

That is all about plucking a lace front wig. Being familiar with those techniques, just do it, and you can get a more natural hairline. BTW, after you’ve plucked your hair, you can visit another CYWIGS wigs tutorial “: 13 Tips To Put On a Lace Front Wig For Beginners“.

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