How To Install a Lace Closure Wig (Step by Step)

How to install a lace closure wig

A lace closure wig is friendly to beginners due to its affordable price, convenient installation, and easy maintenance. 4X4 and 5X5 lace closure wigs take up a large portion of the market among all sorts of lace closure wigs. However, many beginners are still confused about wearing a lace closure wig, so today CYWIGS will introduce three main types of installation by taking 4×4 lace closures and 5×5 lace closures as examples.

5×5 lace closure sew in :

What we need to prepare:

  1. 5X5 lace closure
  2. Human hair bundles
  3. Needle
  4. Nylon or cotton thread
  5. Scissors
  6. Cap or square hairnet

Step 1 . Install the cover

wig cover cap

Have your hair washed.

Before wearing the wig cap, it is wise to wash your hair first to keep the hair and scalp clean. Then don’t hurry to install the cover before it is dry all over.

Tidy up your hair.

Think about which part of your hair you want to separate, and cornrow the hair there to ensure the interleaving is as little as possible. Cornrows will not only prevent your hair from harm caused by heavy scratching but also provide you with a clear view to sew the wig later.

Place a square net on the target area.

First, try to select a square net that blends with the tone of your hair so that it will look natural. Besides, the size of the net is also important to consider. When you choose a 5×5 lace closure wig, a 4×4 inches net is too small to cover all your hair. 

Sew the square net to your cornrows

At this stage, a curved needle and thick and reliable string are necessary. You had better sew the net from the back to the front carefully. Meanwhile, make sure to check gaps between the net and the way. Once you find t cornrows along the hem noticeable, narrow it as much as possible by stitching.

Tie up the thread

After finishing stitching, make your needle head towards where you begin to sew, going through the mesh several times. Then tie up the thread and cut it off cautiously. 

Step 2. Sew your lace closure

5x5 lace closure


Put on your 5×5 lace closure in the correct position 

Ensure it can cover all your cornrows. Then try to make the closure and your hair as close as possible so that there are no holes between them.

put on a 5x5 lace closure
Source: Youtube @Chide lovesyou

Stitch the lace closure to your cornrows, beginning from left to right. 

Use a bend needle to seal the left part by suturing the cornrows, net and the lace closure. It is beneficial to use clips to help you secure the right, front and back sides of the closure during this stage. 

Sew the other sides of the closure after finishing the left and right parts. 

Getting all things done, gently grab a wisp of hair in the middle of the closure upwards with a bit of effort to see if it is firm. If not, locate the loose part and continue sewing them several times. 

Step 3. Suture the weaves

It is easier to sew the weaves in this step because you need to make your needle move from the bottom up, going through the cornrows on the back. From left to right, repeat the same movements until the weaves are attached to the cornrows. Then cut the excess thread in the end.

Suture the weaves
Source: Youtube @Chide lovesyou

Step 4. Neaten the wig

After finishing installing the closure and weaves, you successfully complete a 5X5 lace closure wig. Check each side of the wig to see if all edges are neat and trim the excess string and lace. Then use some spray on the hair of the 5×5  lace closure wig and comb it until it is smooth and neat. If you are into baby hairs, pluck a few inches on your forehead and use a hairbrush as well as some spray to create them.

Neaten the wig

Install a 4×4 lace closure wig without glue

You bought a complete 4X4 lace closure wig but are not sure how to wear it? This section will show you how to install a lace closure wig without glue only in a few minutes. What you need to do is just follow these steps and get what you want.

1. Put a wig cap on

Decide which part you want your 4×4 lace closure wig to locate, and cover it with your wig cap. Make sure it covers all your virgin hair.

put on a wig cap
Source: Youtube @Pink Danielle

2. Wipe your hairline with alcohol

Use cotton or make-up remover towelettes with a small amount of alcohol to clean dirt and make-up near the hairline. Just use a proper amount of the liquid and wipe it gently.

3. Blend the cap with Skin tone 

According to your skin tone, use a brush to color the front part of the wig and the lace with make-up so that the edges of your 4×4 lace closure wig cap coordinate with you. 

Blend the cap with Skin tone
Source: Youtube @Pink Danielle

4. Apply high-quality spray

Put on your 4×4 lace closure wig to identify the perfect position for the wig. Once you find it, pull the whole wig backward until the hairline is exposed. Then apply some high-quality freeze spray on your hairline. This part can be a little more significant to guarantee the whole front part of the front lace can be stuck.

Apply high-quality spray
Source: Youtube @Pink Danielle

5. Dry the spray with a fan

Before sticking your 4×4 lace closure wig, use a fan or paper to let the freeze spray dry a little bit to prevent it from spreading everywhere, especially on your wig. If so, that must be in a mess.

6. Secure your 4×4 lace closure wig

Place your wig in place and make sure it perfectly matches your original hairline. Swipe your wig to the spray until it sticks to your scalp, and then use a stick to press it from left to right back and forth. Then use a fan to help the spray dry.

7. Trim and pluck

Trim the excess lace with scissors because the natural hairline is seldom straight. Then pluck some baby hair and brush it gently with some oil, which helps create and fix it. After all the above is done, it is better to tie the area and baby hair with a scarf for around 10 minutes. In this process, you can move on to do whatever you want and remember to take it off after 10 minutes.

Trim and pluck
Source: Youtube @Pink Danielle

Install a lace closure wig with glue

1. Tidy up your hair

Apply some spray on the front half of your head and use a hairbrush to comb your hair backward and make it as flat as possible. Or braid your hair and press it into the wig cap.

Tidy up your hair
Source: Youtube @SIMONESHARICE

2. Put on a wig and apply lace glue

Put on the lace closure wig and fold the lace back. Then squeeze some lace glue on your forehead along the hairline and use a stick to spread the glue to the hairline. Then wait for a few minutes, add a second layer of glue to the same place and wait for another few minutes.

Put on a wig and apply lace glue
Source: Youtube @SIMONESHARICE

3. Stick the front lace

Pull forward the lace tightly until the lace matches with your hairline and gently press it down to your forehead. Then comb it to make sure this part is secured.

Stick the front lace
Source: Youtube @SIMONESHARICE

4. Cut the lace and clean your forehead

Use scissors or a small knife to cut the excess lace following your hairline. Then use a cotton swab with alcohol to clean the glue on your forehead.

Cut the lace and clean your forehead
Source: Youtube @SIMONESHARICE

After a detailed introduction to installing 4×4 lace closure wigs and 5×5 lace closure wigs, we strongly suggest you browse all high-quality human hair wigs in our online shop. Whether you’re looking for the entire lace closure wigs or wig spare parts such as human hair weave or bundles, human hair frontal, CYWIGS has the highest quality products for you to select.
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