How to style a deep wave wig?

A deep wave wig is very popular because it has a beautiful curly pattern and gives a full look. It makes wearers look elegant and mature. Whether you are in the workplace or get together with your family or friends, you can wear it. When receiving a new deep wave wig or after wearing one for a while, some may desire to style it. Today, we will share with you some tips on how to style a deep wave wig.


1. Check the label

Before you take any action to style your wig, please look at the information on the label and figure out it is made up of both synthetic and human hair, full human hair, or full synthetic hair. If it is a pure human hair wig, you can deal with it like your own natural hair. Besides, low heat is acceptable when you set a new look for your wig containing synthetic and human hair. By contrast, there isn’t much you can do if it is totally synthetic because any heat applied to the wig could ruin it.

2. Comb the wig

Since hair on a deep wave wig is curly, there may be many knots at the end. You had better use a big comb to comb the end of the hair to detangle them. Remember not to move too far up because combing the wave shape could make the curly hair straight, which is not what we want. After dealing with all the knots, use your fingers to smooth the hair upside down. It can make your deep wave wig look organized and natural.

3. Enhance the curly hair

Having prepared the hair, you can apply some heat protectant to spray it. It can protect the wig from heat damage if you need to use some heat tools to style your deep wave wig later. What’s more, it is also essential to spray the curl-enhancing products because the deep wave pattern may become loose after being used for some time. Maintaining it from time to time is a perfect way to keep it natural. Such kinds of products help to remain curly.

4. Style the wig

Now, it is time to style your wig. For example, if you want a middle parting hairstyle, use the tip of a comb to divide the hair from the middle of the wig. Then apply some spry and use your finger to smooth the hair from top to bottom. Once the top of the hair lies down, you can move on to the next step.


5. Dry the hair

Some mousse can be used on the hair to fix the new style. Then, use a hairdryer to dry the wig with low heat or just air-dry it wherever you can. Don’t use heat to style your wig too often, and high heat must be avoided. They may cause harm potentially in the long term, although you may not see apparent damage to your deep wave wig at the moment.

How to wash a deep wave wig?

1. Prepare the hair

Spry some water on the hair and apply a conditioner to smooth it. Then, comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb to smooth out the tangles of tips. Use your fingers to move through hair from the top to the end. After that, take the wig off and use warm water to wet it. 


2. Apply shampoo 

When it gets wet all over, use your hands to spry some high-quality shampoo gently. It is better to hold it upright in this step because you don’t want to mess up its pattern and shape. Then run your finger through the hair to let the shampoo go deeper so that you can make sure all the dirt on the hair is cleaned thoroughly. 

3. Rinse the wig

Put the whole wig under a tap and rinse it with a proper amount of running water. Use your fingers to comb the hair and get rid of shampoo until you do not feel it exists. If you find the wig is not clean enough, repeat the second and third steps several times.

4. Remove water 

Use a towel to dry the excess water without rubbing the hair violently. Just do it gently and slowly.

5. Apply a deep conditioner

Spry some conditioner on the hair to keep it in good condition. Use cling film to wrap the wig and foil for the bundle for no more than 6 hours. Then wash the wig with clean water. Then, dry it naturally.

Where to get the best deep wave wig?

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