How To Put On a Lace Front Wig Without Glue

Traditionally, wig glue is a common thing for people to wear a lace front wig. As adhesives, glue has its pros and cons. With glue, your lace front wig can be snugged for a long time, and you needn’t worry that your lace front wig will be fell off. However, glue is undoubtedly unfriendly to your natural hair when you use it in the wrong wearing method. For example, there exist lots of residues on your scalp when applying glue to your head. Majorities of customers prefer to wear their lace front wigs without glue. In this condition, CYWIGS has come up with some valuable tips for you.

Before putting on a lace front wig, you need to handle your natural hair firstly. You can smoothly comb your short hair and directly put your lace front wig on if your hair is short. If your hair is long, it is advisable to braid your long hair and then put on your lace front wig. Don’t forget to trim the lace well before installing the wig.

There are 6 ways to help you fasten your wig without glue.

Use wig tape

This is a simple way. Cut some wig tapes and apply them along to your hairline. Remember to stick it evenly, which will make the hairline more natural and beautiful. The tape is double-sided to ensure that the wig and your skin are attached well together. If you’re only going to wear a wig for 1-2 days, double-sided wig tape may be your best choice. Remember: If you are allergic to latex, the wig tape may not be your best choice. Try to choose another way.

put on a wig with tape

Plastic wig clips and combs

Plastic wig clips and combs are helpful tools to fasten your lace front wig. 

First, you can sew plastic wig clips and combs on your cap inside. Usually, three to four plastic wig clips and combs are enough. And the proper places of sewing them are evenly arranged on the top and the backside of your head. If possible, you should sew them patiently and carefully to avoid bulges on the wig. 

Next, wear your wig according to your hairline. When putting on the wig, it would be better for you to wear your wig from the backside of your head to the front side of your head. 

Finally, you can use those plastic wig clips and combs to stick on your natural hair. 

However, this method has its disadvantages. It requires that you have an amount of natural hair and that your natural hair should be fastened enough. Only by sticking on your natural hair tightly can make your wig stay on your head without any concerns.

Plastic Wig Clips
Plastic Wig Clips

Use wig grip band

You can purchase flexible wig grips as accessories to fix your wig. As we all know, wig grips have fastening tapes that will help to stick your wig.

At first, you can put on a wig grip along your head circumference. Here, you can adjust the wig grip at random since this product can be flexible and adjustable with hooks and loops.

Then, you can put on your wig from the backside of your head to the front side. In the process of wearing your wig, you’d better make your wig cap be stuck on the left and right sides simultaneously.

A wig grip has more breathable velvet material and can bring you an excellent feeling. You can feel free due to its particular elasticity.

how to use wig grip band

Plastic wig clips and combs and an elastic band

There is a wig with plastic wig clips, combs, and an elastic band to secure your lace front wig.  Plastic wig clips and combs can secure the front part of your wig , and an elastic band helps to secure the back part of your wig. Wearing steps from the back part to the front part is also suggested.

wigs with elastic band

Try No Glue Needed Wigs

Here, we also recommend some wigs for you, convenient to wear and easily worm without glue.

Human Hair Wig with Bangs

These human hair wig with bangs, Easy to wear without glue. With this wig, you can relax all day long. 

Headband Wigs

This type of wig can grasp your wig along your head circumference. You can choose bangs with various styles as you like. Believe it or not, wearing a beautiful headband wig will not only bring you a radiant look but also help you to secure your wig tightly.

U part Wigs

A U part wig is helpful to fasten your wig. For installing a U part wig, you can cut the elastic bands at first and then find the plastic wig clips and combs on the side. Clip-in the U part with the clips and combs and then tie up your hair. Use conditioner or mist sprayer to let your U part wig look more natural. You can also use a tail comb to make baby hairs.

how to install a u part wig
how to install a u part wig

Try CYWIGS Wig Caps

In order to solve the securing problem, our company has made special wig caps. Our wig caps have elastic net, 4 combs, adjustable strap and Swiss lace. There are four combs on the back part and left part that will help you secure your wig. An adjustable strap can secure your wig perfectly and give you the freedom to adjust.

13x4 lace front wig cap details
CYWIGS 13×4 Lace Front Wig Cap

Installing a lace front wig without glue, you can be emancipated from possible chemical injuries, get your lace front wig out casually and enjoy a convenient way to put on your wig. If you want to have a natural and cozy effect, hair mousse and hairspray are suitable to apply to your lace. After using hair mousse and hairspray, your lace can fit your skin perfectly. Getting rid of traditional securing ways and discarding glues, you must be enlightened and cheerful to utilize those up-to-date designs and wigs.

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