How To Make a Lace Front Wig in 4 Steps

When you wear a beautiful lace front wig, you must be happy with your changeable hairstyles and perfect image. But, have you imagined that you wear the lace front wig made by yourself? If you are deft and skillful with your hands, it may be excellent for you to make a lace front wig.

At first sight, it looks pretty difficult for you to put into effect. However, you can do it with these 4 valuable techniques.

1. Prepare tools you need

You need to prepare tail comb, a lace frontal, elastic net,  human hair bundles, T needle, elastic band, three-to-four plastic wig clips and combs, quick white power lightener kit, brushes, plastic bowl, a pair of disposable gloves, tape, scissor, a foam head and wig stand, a spray bottle of water, shampoos and conditioners, several hairpins for holding bundles, and also a curling iron.

cywigs p4/27 highlight lace frontals and highlight human hair bundles

2. Techniques

You should measure your head circumference and record the size of your head circumference.

measure your head circumference
Source: Youtube @Cydnee Black

After that, you can buy a good dome cap and cover the foam head with this dome cap. Here, a dome cap with plastic wig clips and combs is recommended because it can save your time and vigor to sew these three-to-four plastic wig clips and combs on your dome cap. 

7 teeth wig combs

3.Handle the apparent knots

(1)Before sewing the front of the lace wig, you would better know where to sew it. Use the lace front wig at hand to measure the sewing place. As a word of caution, the lace front wig should cover the dome cap, and you should leave at least 5cm until the lace edge is parallel to your eyes. 

(2)Before sewing, you need to handle the apparent knots of the lace front wig since the knots will affect the whole effect. 

(3)Spray some water on your lace front wig at first. 

(4)Use a tail comb to comb your lace front wig. 

(5)A quick white powder lightener kit is helpful to remove those knots on your wigs. You can pour an amount of this quick white power lightener kit into a plastic bowl and apply the mixed lightener on your wig with a brush. 

(6)Put the wig aside for 20 minutes and wait for the lightener to work. 

(7)Rinse the wig’s lightener under running water carefully. 

(8)Then wash the wig with shampoos and conditioners. 

4. Customize your lace front wig in 9 steps

(1)Lay the lace frontal on the foam head and secure it with several hairpins from the front to the back of the frontal. Make sure the lace can cover the edge of the dome cap, match your hairline, and won’t let any of your natural hair out of it. And also, make sure the lace frontal is secured as flat as possible. How to check whether you have confirmed your lace frontal is flat? The way is to see whether the ribbon on the back of your lace frontal is entirely flat on the cap.

Lay the lace frontal on the foam head
Source: Youtube @Cydnee Black

(2)You can make natural baby hair with a tail comb. At first, you can separate some hair on the front part of your wig. Here, you can choose a preferred hairline as a reference, such as your idol’s hairline or your hairline.

Source: Youtube @Abbyliciouz

(3) To get natural baby hair, pulling up a few inches on the front part of your wig is admirable. Here, you can pluck a few hairs layer by layer.

steps to get natural baby hair
Source: Youtube @Abbyliciouz

(4)You can use a T needle with wires to sew down the ribbon as mentioned above. If you want to sew it quickly, you can braid the frontal hair.

braid the frontal hair
Source: Youtube @Cydnee Black

Here, you would better make tiny stitches on the lace of the frontal wig in the process of sewing. Moreover, you can make stitches underneath the cap and sew the lace along with the flat ribbon.

sew the lace along with the flat ribbon
Source: Youtube @Cydnee Black

5. Unpack human hair bundles and sew them as close to the ending place of the previous ribbon. It is suggested that you buy human hair bundles or human hair weaves through CYWIGS online wig store because various hairstyles, lengths, and colors are offered for you.

You can sew one of the human hair bundles along the bottom of your head from right to left.

sew one of the human hair bundles from right to left
Source: Youtube @Cydnee Black

And then you can sew another one from left to right. Once you sew the human hair bundles from the bottom to the point of your head, the most complicated side is done.

Source: Youtube @Cydnee Black

Here are some tips for you:

1) Please sew the human hair bundles layer by layer;

2) The width between two layers can be controlled in 1cm;

3) Every layer should be sewn flatly;

4) When you have sewed down, please make sure the human hair bundles would unravel.

6. Cut the unnecessary lace and the combs. The place for cutting the excessive lace lies in the surplus lace starting from the hairline. The site for cutting the combs is where there are no human hair bundles sewed.

7. Sew an elastic band on your wig. You can measure the suitable length at first, and usually, it is from ear to ear. Please make the elastic band match your head perfectly because it won’t be comfortable when it is too long or too short. The sewing place of an elastic band is laid in the lace from ear to ear.

Sew an elastic band on your wig
Source: Youtube @Cydnee Black

8. Separate your lace front wig with a tail comb. You can separate from the middle part or left or right position.

9. Lay down baby hairs that you have made. If you want your human hair to lay flatter, you can make use of a curling iron. Just run a curling iron along the separated part. That will make you look more natural and charming.

Now, after completing all the mentioned steps, you have created a lace front wig by yourself.

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