How To Install and Remove a Full Lace Wig?

Full lace wigs are becoming more and more popular in recent years, and they are the most natural ones compared to others. Almost every hairstyle is suitable to make when you wear a full lace wig, such as a high or low ponytail, a braid, straight hair, and curly hair. 

Due to the advantages that a full lace wig possesses, many of our customers prefer to buy it to decorate them. But some people don’t know how to install and remove a full lace wig properly. This article will explain the methods of installing and removing a full lace wig.

How to install a full lace wig

1. Bleach the knot

It is known that a full lace wig is made of 100% human hair. There are dark knots on the scalp. Therefore, bleaching knots is essential to have a natural wearing effect before wearing a wig. Usually, we can use bleaching powder to turn these dark knots into light colors. Mix an amount of bleaching powder and developer until it is creamy. After that, apply the creamy mixture on the scalp of the lace and cover it with disposable plastic. Wait for a few minutes before washing it. 

2. Cut the lace 

Use a scissor to cut the lace. Not only the lace of the frontal needs to be cut, but also the lace of circumference around your head also needs to be cut. Cut it little by little and pay attention to not cutting the lace with human hair by mistakes. 

3. Put on a wig cap

Buy a comfortable and elastic wig cap and put it on your head. After that, you need to cut the cap’s edge so that there is no slight bulge in the front of your head.

4. Put on your full lace wig

You can put on your full lace wig from the back to the front, and Please put it in place first. It has adjustable straps on the back, pull them and tie them together so that it fits your head. Please remember to cover the front of the cap with the front part of the lace. The cap cannot be exposed since it will affect the whole wearing effect. 

5. Use glue or not use glue

In this step, you can make a choice. There are two ways to install a full lace wig: using glue or not using glue. If you want to secure your wig tightly, glue is an excellent tool to make it. You can follow the following steps to glue your full lace wig.

  1. After putting on the wig properly, apply certain glue along the circumference of the lace. Don’t apply glue on your own hair because it will damage your hairline and may cause hair loss.
  2. You can put two layers of glue on your forehead. After putting the first layer, you can wait for it dry and then put the second layer.
  3. Use your finger to remove excess applied glue if you don’t want too much glue.
  4.  Use your hand to press the glued area above your ears because the lace in this part is not easy to be glued.

5)  Please wait for several minutes for air dry. You can also use a hairdryer to dry the glued part.

If you don’t want to utilize glue, there are also bobby pins, clips, elastic bands, and wig grips for you to secure your full lace wig. You can open the pins and insert them to the edge of the lace and your own hair for bobby pins. 

For clips — sew four to five clips on your wig for securing. 

For the elastic band– sew it on your cap and use the elastic cord to fix your wig.

For wig grips— clasp it around your head and use your favorite band to decorate it. 

6. Use a silky scarf to cover your head

You can use a silky scarf to cover the glued area along with your head. In doing this, your wig can be glued tightly after pressing with the scarf.

Use a silky scarf to cover your head
Source: Youtube @SIMONESHARICE

7. Use foundation to make your lace match with your skin

Apply a powder foundation to hide the lace, which is an easy, simple step.

And then, use a curling iron or hair straighter to make it look better.

If you want to have a better look, it is suggested to use a holding spray and spray an appropriate amount of it. If you spray too much, it will look so sticky. Use a brush to brush those strands down.

8. Make baby hairs

You can make some baby hairs. Use a brush and glue to make a curling or straight baby hair. Don’t make too many baby hairs because it will affect the natural effect.

Remove a Full Lace Wig

That’s all about installing a full lace wig with glue or without glue. After knowing that, you may want to know how to uninstall a full lace wig. Here are the steps of removing your wig.

  1. Take your time to take the wig off slowly. It is not easy to remove your wig after wearing your full lace wig for a few days. So you need to spray some gel removal agent before slowly taking off your wig. 

2. Or else, you can use actual alcohol to clean up the forehead where the lace is glued. You can pour some alcohol into a washcloth and rub it back and forth until the glue on your head is removed.

Source: Youtube @SIMONESHARICE

3.. Slowly peel the cap and pull this cap out of your hairline

4. Check whether there are any sticky spots and glue residues on your forehead. If there are some sticky spots, continue to use alcohol to remove them.

5. If your wig is not clean, you can wash your hair and co-wash your hairline. After washing, you need to air-dry your wig.

6. Put your wig in a wig stand or box. Store it properly.

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