How to Dye Human Hair Weave

Human hair weaves are important constitute components of human hair bundles. Usually, three human hair weaves can be made into a human bundle. Then, several human bundles can be sewn on a wig cap, which forms a complete human hair wig.

When you buy a human hair weave, you may pay attention to choose a favorite color. But, as you know, fashion colors will change every year, except for some classic colors. When you want to dye your human hair weave into the latest fashion color, reading this article will help you get a fantastic hair weave.

1. Prepare hair bleach, developer, hair color, a mixing bowl, brush, shampoo and conditioner, disposable gloves, a mask

Hair bleach is used to make your human hair weave lighter. After being bleached, it won’t damage your human hair when you dye it and the dyeing effect is more natural.

Hair developers can enhance the effect of dyeing and make your weaves lighter. 

You can mix hair bleach with a hair developer with a ratio of 1:1. Then apply the mixture to your hair weave. Cover the weave with the mixture and wait for 30 minutes. Then, wash it under running water. If the result is not so good, you can do it several times and get an orange human hair weave.

Source: Youtube@Sophiology

2. Mix hair color

Hair color is used to dye your human hair weaves into the color you like. When you color your hair weave, you can mix hair color and developer with a 1:1 ratio in a mixing bowl to get a wanted color mixture. By the way, There are blonde, purple, red, blue, and so many hair colors for hair weave to choose from in CYWIGS online shop.

3. Dye your wig in one color

If you want to dye your wig in one color, for example, dye it into blonde, it is simple to operate. You can put on your gloves and mask to protect yourself. Then you are allowed to use a brush to apply the hair color mixture on your human hair simply weaves from the top to the end.

Wait for at least 50 minutes, and then wash your weaves under running water. You can see the dyeing result. 

If you are not satisfied with the final result, you can dye it again. In the second time of dyeing, please don’t use too much hair color mixture and spend less time (around 40 minutes). The reason for doing this is that when you color it excessively, it will cause damages to your hair weaves. 

After 40 minutes of dyeing, you can wash it totally and get a perfect color.

4. Dye your wig in two colors

If you want to dye your hair weave into two colors, such as the upper root (about two and a half inches) is black, and the lower hair is blonde, you need to measure the upper part with tape. 

measure the upper part with tape
Source: Youtube@Sophiology

Take a small piece of hair and dye that lower part at first. Take a brush to apply hair color mixture into the lower part of your hair. You can repeat applying hair color mixture in your human hair weaves two or three times to make your weave absorb it completely.

If you want to get a good effect, it is suggested that you flip it over and dye the back part again. Before washing it under running water, you cannot see its actual color.

Wait for 50 minutes, and you will get your colorful hair. 

Source: Youtube@Sophiology

5. Use shampoo and conditioner to wash your weaves

After letting your hair weave be colored for 50 minutes and finishing coloring, you can use shampoo and conditioner to wash those bubbles out of your weave. Then, you will get a human hair weave with blonde color.

Plus, if you think this blonde color is too dark, you can wash it twice and get a slightly lighter blonde color that you want. Or else, if you think your hair weave isn’t being dyed totally and want to dye it again, that is also allowed. But please notice that you only need to wait for it to be dyed for 40 minutes before washing. It won’t damage your human hair weaves after dyeing it twice.

Source: Youtube@Sophiology

That’s all about dying human hair weaves, hoping you can use these methods to dye your human hair weave properly. If you have better ideas about it, welcome to comment below and share with us.

CYWIGS also provides hair weave bundles with different colors, which can satisfy the needs of our customers. What’s more, we can support wholesale, and if you order a large volume, we can provide a competitive price for you.

If you are interested in human hair weaves or bundles, please contact us freely.

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