How to dye a blonde wig?

There are very few people born with blonde hair globally, but it is the color that many individuals dream about. It creates a fashionable and gorgeous look, so it would be an excellent idea for those who prefer this eye-catching color to choose a blonde wig for themselves. You don’t have to spend a lot of time and money dyeing your original hair and prevent potential damage caused by dye products. Today, we will give a brief introduction to blonde wigs and share some tips on how to dye a blonde wig.

Types of blonde wigs

You’d better consider different shades and textures when selecting a suitable blonde wig. Although all these shades belong to the blonde category, there are some differences among them. For example, a honey blonde wig is brighter and more shined than any other type of blonde, while the champagne one is a little darker and has many dimensions in blonde wig color. The best advice for you is to get the shade that compliments your skin. Besides, there are a variety of styles to help you match different occasions. You can choose blonde lace front wigs, blonde wigs with bangs, and blonde curly wigs. And Short blonde wigs and long blonde wigs are also available in the shop.


Benefits of a blonde wig

As we can see in many well-known award ceremonies globally, many celebrities wear blonde wigs to attend these significant events. It has also become a trend in our daily lives, making wearers attractive even in the crowd. What’s more, several studies suggest that women with blonde hair can get more help and assistance from people around them so that they tend to get high pay, achieve success, and be in a romantic relationship. Although these may not happen to everyone, it does increase the chance of being successful socially and build up the confidence in wearers.


How to dye a blonde wig

There are two common ways for us to dye a blonde wig. One is to watercolor it, and the other is brush dye. Both are convenient to operate at home on our own. Here are some basic steps.

1. Choose the color you desire

Selecting the right color is the most crucial step of all. Otherwise, the harder you work, the further you go in the wrong direction. However, you had better consult a professional stylist if your blonde wig is appropriate to be dyed in the one you want.  

2. Get your wig ready

Fill a basin with warm water and put your wig into it to wash the dust and chemicals away to ensure good results of coloring. Use fingers to brush the hair on the wig gently after pulling it out of the water, and remember to hold it upright in case it is out of shape. Then, towel dry it and smooth out the knots and tangles with a brush.

3. Cover the other parts with a protective spray

Apply some protective gel on the other parts of the wig, such as the lace and wig cap. It offers strong protection against the dye. When they dry, cover these parts with spray.

4. Color the blonde wig

Watercolor: Using this method, you should put a proper amount of hot water. Then stir the water until mixed. Dip your blonde wig into the mixture for nearly 5 minutes, take it out, and let it remain for 5 minutes. The whole process will take you around 15 minutes, and it is considered one of the fastest and most convenient ways to color a blonde wig.

watercolor the blonde wig
Source: Youtube @ARIE BRIANNA

Brush dye: This is a more traditional way to change the color of a blonde wig. At first, divide hair into several sections. Then squeeze dye into a bowl filled with warm water and stir them gently until it melts completely.

Source: Youtube @msroshposh

Use a brush coloring the blonde wig one part after another part. In this way, you can ensure every part is colored. After coloring it, cover it with aluminum foil and wait for 10 minutes.

Use a brush coloring the blonde wig
Source: Youtube @msroshposh

5. Wash the color

Use some warm water to wash it. Then rinse it under a tap with a proper stream of running water until the wig is clean. You have finished the most important step during the whole process at this stage.

wash your wig with warm water
Source: Youtube @Alexa Poletti

6. Dry the blonde wig

Use a hairdryer to blow it gently with low heat until 70% dry. Or you can just put it in a ventilated place to dry it naturally.

Where to get the best blonde wig? 

There is a wide range of shades and textures of blonde wigs, as mentioned above. Our online shop CYWIGS offers all of these human hair wigs of high quality and provides lots of professional suggestions on how to choose the most suitable blonde wig for you. Browse our blonde wigs collection, and you will find the right one.

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