How To Cut Bangs On a Wig?

Many people would like to learn how to cut bangs on their human hair wigs at home. Some are beginners who buy their wigs for the first time and find bangs longer than their desired length. Others get bored of the style of their wigs and are eager to change it into a new one. A few of our followers turned to their stylists for help because they were afraid of messing up by trimming bangs themselves. Actually, it is not complicated to cut wig bangs perfectly. As long as you master the right way, it will just take you 10 minutes to get it done. In this post, CYWIGS will share with you some simple but practical approaches to cut your bangs on a wig.  

1. Preparations


2. Decide the length of your bangs

First and foremost, decide how long you want your bangs to be. It is essential because all the actions you are to take are based on this decision. 

Organize the rest of the hair

Have a look at your wig to make sure the wig is right at your hairline. Then check two sides of your wig and adjust it until both are even. Once your wig is in place, in order to have a clear view for cutting and avoid trimming other parts of hair by mistake, it is strongly recommended to comb the hair backward and tie the rest of it into a ponytail or clip it.

3. Cut bangs

Here comes the most important step. We will show you how to cut straight bangs and side-swept bangs. But no matter which kind of bangs you work on, keep in mind that the hair you have cut will never come back, so do it a little bit at a time. You can choose to wear your wig and cut it in front of a mirror. Besides, it is also effective to put it on a wig head. 

Cut straight bangs

Most wearers, who prefer wigs with straight bangs, want the bangs to be where their eyebrows are. If they are longer than that, the extra hair may block the eyes. 

Step 1

Firstly, we can use our index finger and middle finger to fix the middle part of a handful of bangs since bangs will curl up slightly. Just keep it where it is, and don’t try to pull them down straightly. Otherwise, after cutting them, they may look shorter than you expected. 

Step 2

Secondly, holding the middle part of bangs, use hair scissors to cut your bangs up at 45 degrees. Again, cut them a little at a time and see if they are short enough. If not, keep trimming them little by little several times. During this process, we suggest moving from one side to the other to be organized easily. 

Source: Youtube @GodivasSecretWigs

Cut side-swept bangs

The steps of trimming side-swept bangs are pretty different from those of trimming straight bangs. 

Step 1

Firstly, comb bangs straight down. Then use a comb to part one to the left side and the other to the right. Keep combing down until the hair is smooth and flat. 

Step 2

Then hold the bangs tight between your index and middle finger and pull them towards the opposite side. For example, if you are about to cut the left-side bangs, drag them to the right side, a little further beyond the position of your right ear. 

Step 3

Use scissors to cut them straight and release your fingers to see if it is your desired length. Do it a few more times until it is short enough.

Step 4

Once the length is suitable, you had better let it fall naturally and use thinning scissors to trim it thinner. It is better to do it at a 45-degree angle instead of cutting it straight across. When finishing bangs on one side, repeat the same steps to get the other side done. I am pretty sure you will have natural side bangs by following our tips. 

Source: Youtube @Wigs by Patti’s Pearls

4. Roll bangs

In order to look fashionable, some people want their bangs to spring up a little bit. Therefore, after cutting them, we can apply an air brush to roll the bangs a bit. This kind of brush will release heat to make the hair curl instead of high heat acting on the hair directly. So it is safer and more protective to our wig. We can part our bangs into a few parts and roll them one after another. 

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If you have any questions about cutting bangs, please feel free to contact our stylist expert or leave your comments here. CYWIGS not only offer a wide range of information and methods on wigs, but also many kinds human hair wigs and relevant products. Just have a look at our CYWIGS shop, and you will be surprised how fabulous the wigs are. 

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