How To Cut A Lace Front Wig?

Recently, we have received a large amount of feedback and questions from our readers and clients. Quite a few are eager to know how to cut their lace front wigs properly. Some have bought a new lace front wig, while others want to change the old one into a new style. Actually, cutting the lace front wig is a convenient and quick way to make a wig look natural and fashionable. You can do it yourself at home as long as you have got a few suitable tools. In the following, we will show you four practical methods. Just follow the steps and achieve your goals:

  1. Cut the lace on a lace front wig
  2. Trim the length of your wig
  3. Cut the bangs
  4. Trim layers

1. Cut the lace on a lace front wig

Get the wig in place

We strongly suggest putting the wig on a wig head so that you can better see the wig and control every part of it. However, if you don’t have one, it is alright to place it on your head. After placing it appropriately, adjust it to blend with your hairline.

Secure the wig

To prevent your wig from moving around while cutting, you had better use adjustable straps as well as hair clips to secure it.

Make a draft

There is no better way than drawing a line with a black pen on the lace. Before you cut the lace, make the place you want to cut visible. A color pen and a measuring tape are what you need to get it done.

Cut the lace

After the preparations above, it is time to cut the lace. Follow the line you draw from one side to the other. While cutting the lace slowly, keep in mind that pull the wig taut to ensure you are cutting the right place. Don’t cut precisely straight lines because natural hairlines are always with a slight curve.

2. Trim the length of your wig

Get the wig in place

Getting the wig in place is the same step as the first tip of cutting the lace on a lace front wig. If you forget what to do, go back and check it. 

Do a demo at the back of the wig

Make sure about the hair length you desire and hold a wisp of hair between two fingers. Move them down until they stay where you want. Then use your scissors to cut the small amount of hair below your fingers to see if the upper part of the hair is your desired one. It is much better to cut your wig just a little shorter on this stage because when you cut it too long, it will be gone forever! 

Cut the rest at the same length

Once you manage to get the desired length of a bunch of hair, use them as a measuring tool to help you trim the entirety of your wig. But this process does take time and requires patience, so do it little by little. After all, a new natural hairstyle is worth your time and effort.

3. Cut The Bangs

When the bangs on the lace front wig are too long or too thick, it is time to trim them as desired. 

Thin your bangs

If you think your bangs are too full, comb your bangs downward until they are even on your forehead. Hold a small piece of bangs between your two fingers and cut it off gently and slowly in case of removing other parts of the wig. In this step, please be very careful about the number of bangs you cut every time. When you find you have cut more hair than you expected, it is no use regretting it. But having made a tiny snip, you still consider the bangs thick. Just repeat the same steps several more times until you get the desired ones.

Shorten the bangs

Since short hair is becoming more and more popular worldwide, many are really into cutting short hairs on their wig and style them in a brand new way. 

  • First, you need to figure out the desired length of the bangs. 
  • Then gather them in front of your forehead and comb them until they are smooth and even. 
  • Next, do a small experiment that pulls a tiny wisp of bangs taut, moves your fingers down the bangs to the place you want to cut, and cuts them below your fingers. 
  • After that, comb the hair cut just now to see if it is at the right length. If not, make a shorter snip to the tips of bangs. If it is, follow the same steps you have done and do it again. Here is a reminder that every time you finish cutting a new wisp of bangs, it is better to compare them to the previously cut ones, make sure they are at the same length. 

4. Trim layers

Layers play an essential role in both your hair and the one on a lace front wig. So it makes sense that you have an idea of adding layers to the wig. If you don’t have much confidence in your cutting skills, turning to a professional stylist for help is the most reliable way to make it. However, if you have already acquired some basic cutting skills, DIY can be fun and satisfying. Follow the simple steps as follow.

Secure your wig

Before you take any actions, place your wig on the wig head, and secure it with some pins and clips. It will make it more convenient for you to operate and offer a better angle to observe it.

Clip the front section and top section

Use hair clips to separately gather the front section and top section of the wig. There are two advantages to doing so. First, it can guarantee that you won’t cut them by mistake when trimming other wig parts. In addition, clipping those parts can help you better see the section you are working on. 

Start with the middle layer at the back

It is much easier to begin with the middle and finish with the front. But before you cut the hair, first decide the length you want to have. Once you decide, remember that the bottom layer is 1 to 2 inches shorter than the middle one while the top layer is 1 to 2 inches longer. That is to say, the difference between each layer is the same, 1 to 2 inches. Then you can use your middle and index finger, moving to the desired length and pulling the hair upward and taut. Cut it at a 45-degree angle. 

Let down the front and top section

Once you are satisfied with the middle part, repeat the same procedures above, and you will perfectly trim the rest of your wig. Remember that do it one by one without a rush.

See the big picture

As we know, we style our wig separately, from one section to another. So having trimmed all parts of the wig, we had better check what it is like as a whole. Sometimes, each perfect part doesn’t equal the whole. If you find something that can be improved when checking it, don’t hesitate to make a tiny snip to make the whole better.

Here are all four common ways of cutting your wigs. If you have any other questions about wigs, don’t hesitate to let us know and leave comments on this blog. We will spare no effort to offer professional and updated guidance for you.


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