How to Buy a Wonderful Wig?

If you are a wig beginner, you may consider many things before purchasing a wig, such as how to choose between a synthetic wig and a human hair wig, how much a perfect wig is, and how to judge wig density. In fact, all of these questions may be relevant to buying a wonderful wig. Don’t be worry and here we will give you the answer you want to know.

What is the best type of lace wig?

1. Lace type for wigs

There are Swiss lace, French lace, HD lace, and transparent lace in the market. 

Generally speaking, Swiss lace is the most popular among consumers because it is comfortable, invisible, easy to wear, and akin to your skin color. When you wear Swiss lace, you can apply foundation on it and the actual effect is pretty good.

how swiss lace look like
Source: Youtube @Lovely Bryana

French lace is a normal lace and looks like the original lace, which is thicker and harder. Its disadvantage is that it is visible on your skin. 

how french lace look like
Source: Youtube @Lovely Bryana

HD lace is the most invisible lace and has a high quality. It is very fine and soft. When you wear HD lace, it seems to disappear and melts in your skin tone. But HD lace is fragile and charges higher than Swiss and French lace.

Transparent lace is not as thin as an HD lace, and its quality is not so high. To receive an excellent wearing effect, you can spray some foundation on it and turn it into the same color as your skin tone.

2. Hair type will affect the whole wearing effect.

Before buying a lace wig, you should distinguish between synthetic hair and human hair. It is no doubt that human hair has a better natural effect than synthetic hair since the former is made of natural human hair. If you want your hair to look like growing from your scalp, it is suggested to choose human hair despite its little higher price.

3. Hand tied wig is the first choice. 

Hand tied wigs are divided into full hand-tied wigs and half hand-tied wigs. Typically, lace front wigs or lace closure wigs are made through half-hand-tied technology, which is cheaper than full-hand-tied wigs. The lace part of lace front wigs or lace closure wigs is hand tied by skilled workers. However, these wigs can also satisfy your daily wearing demands. Full lace wigs are completely made by hands without any machines joined, which is the most natural one and charges higher than other wigs. 

Here, both full hand-tied wigs and half hand tied wigs are recommended because they have the most natural look than those made by a machine. Wearing these hand tied wigs can give you a very comfortable experience. 

How to buy a proper wig?

1. Human hair

When you buy a wig, human hair is the best choice. Wearing a human hair wig, it seems like your own hair. You will never worry about its realistic effect. What’s more, you should choose a comfortable and breathable elastic net. If you are not very strict about its lace, you can select a Swiss lace wig or Transparent lace, which is very common and not so expensive in the market. It is highly recommended to buy a wig with its lace part made by hands. In other words, a hand tied wig is the best choice for you. 

2. Proper color

You need to choose a proper wig color according to your skin tone. There are black, brown, dark brown, blonde, strawberry blonde, platinum blonde, red, dark wine, purple, etc. On a formal occasion, you can choose a black, brown and blonde wig. You can choose whatever color as long as you like in daily life. 

3. Excellent texture

When you wear a changeable hair texture, you will bring others a different feeling about your styling. Usually, straight, curly, kinky curly, deep curly, body wave, water wave are good options. Straight wigs make your hair look pretty elegant and graceful. You will never make mistakes in choosing a curly wig, which can give you lots of changes in hairstyles. Body wave hairstyles are perfect for any occasion. These curls provide you with confidence all day.

8 different hair textures

4. Proper wig length

According to your face shape, you can choose a suitable wig. At present, a wig with 12-24 inches is popular for women. A 12 inch wig means the hair is extended from your scalp to your shoulder.

A 22 inch wig is around 56cm in length, extending from your scalp to your waist. With such wigs, you will look more young and charming.

human hair wig length chart

5. Suitable size

You should take your head circumference into considerations. So you need to know your head circumference before buying a wig.  There are mainly S (small) size, M (medium) size and L (large) size in wig cap size. M size is the average size for most women. But do not worry about it because many human hair wigs have adjustable straps underneath. You can adjust your wig size according to your actual size.

6. Price

As we all know, the T part lace wig and 4X4 lace closure wig are relatively economical and affordable. However, most customers prefer lace front wigs since it looks more natural and beautiful. Although lace front wigs are a little expensive than regular wigs, they can achieve different styles such as braided hair. Indeed, different human hair wigs have different prices.

7. Wig density

Wig density is relevant to the amount of human hair. 250% density means the human hair is very thick, while 150% density means the human hair is thinner than others. 120% density is called medium or natural density, which is a standard density. 180% density also is named heavy wig. If a customer wants to have a large volume of hair, it is advised to buy this heavy wig. If you’re going to have a natural look, 130% or 150% density is okay for you.

human hair wig density chart from 150 density to 200 density

8. Wig type

You should know the difference between a lace front wig, a full lace wig and a 360°lace wig. If you have no idea about it, you can refer to the article: Difference between lace front wig, full lace wig and 360 wig. Apart from these wigs, there are still human hair wig with bangs, lace closure wig, T part lace wig, etc. After being familiar with these wigs, you can buy one according to your needs. If you just don’t want to make a ponytail, a lace front wig can satisfy your demands.

Where to get good quality wigs?

CYWIGS offers you various wigs, including lace front wigs, full lace wigs and lace closure wigs. All of our wigs are made of human hair and have the best qualities. These hand-tied wigs can give you a perfect experience, even if you have worn them for a long time. Our wigs are comfortable, sturdy, and easy to wear. You can feel free to choose from here. 

If you have any questions about buying a proper wig, please contact us at any time, and CYWIGS will do our utmost to help you.

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