How Much Does a High Quality Wig Cost?

Recently, hundreds of messages have flooded our blog, asking how much they should spend on a high quality wig. It is not easy to offer a fixed price because more than one factor affects the price, such as the type of hair, the length, and the color. Our blog followers have shared their exciting stories about wigs and why they choose different wigs for themselves. Despite various stories and reasons of different individuals, they all share a common belief that when buying a wig, we should choose the most suitable one, but not the most expensive.

To help our friends who sent us these doubts to better understand the expense of a wig, we will demonstrate it more comprehensively.

Materials of a Wig

Synthetic wig

Nowadays, based on the materials, two main types of wigs can be commonly seen in the market, a synthetic wig and a real human hair wig. When it comes to a lower price, many beginners might prefer a synthetic one. They fear that they have spent too much on a wig if they buy a human hair wig. Some synthetic wigs can be changed in different styles while others aren’t able to. So if you want to style it, a human hair wig may be a better choice. Besides, a synthetic wig typically lasts 3-6 months. In the current market, the synthetic between $30-$ 100 or even more. 

Human hair wig

On the other hand, a human hair wig can be more expensive since real hair’s cost is higher. But most of our regular clients still prefer it, insisting it is higher cost-effective, considering its functions and life span. A real human hair wig looks more natural and fashionable, and it is easy to alter its texture and color, which has almost the same function as your natural hair. What’s more, if taken care of appropriately, it is bound to last for 24 months or even longer. Prices of CYWIGS 100% human hair wigs range from $100 to $500, some even under $100, depending on the cap construction, length, density, color and so on. 

13X6-Lace-Front -Water-Wave-Lace-Frontal-Wig 2
CYWIGS 13×6 Water Wave Lace Front Wig

8 Price Factors That Affect Human Hair Wig

1. Cap Construction of a Wig

100% Hand Made Wig

100% hand made wig is of the highest quality and looks the most natural. Commonly, a full lace wig is entirely made by hand so that it is not only good-looking but also really comfortable and ventilated. It requires producers to tie each hair onto a wig, making it virgin to blend with your hair. That’s why a majority of our fans are fond of it. Due to its popularity and labor cost, a full lace wig costs the most among various wigs.

50% Hand Made Wig

There are two kinds of wigs are half hand-made and half machine-made, which are 360 lace wig and lace front wig. A 360 lace wig also looks natural with a lace tied around the whole circle of the wig, making it as easy to style and wear as a full lace wig. It is obviously cheaper than a full lace one, thanks to the help of machines.

Besides, a lace front wig has sheer invisible lace in the front part of a wig, covering the forehead from temple to temple. It consumes less lace than a 360 lace wig, so you can even spend less on it. Despite its lower price, don’t worry about its quality and functions. You can still do whatever you want on it to get an ideal lace wig.

View here to find CYWIGS LACE FRONT WIGS, strats from US$142.

Partly Hand Made Wig

A lace wig is only partly hand-made, like T part lace wig or human hair wig with bangs. In order to create a natural appearance at a lower cost, it only covers the most visible part of a wig around the crown. However, the other areas are made by machines, making it the cheapest type among these four wigs we mentioned here. But if you can accept it and needn’t use a wig quite often, it is an option that is worth considering.

Check out this:

CYWIGS T Part Lace Wigs, strats from US$90.

CYWIGS Human Hair Wig With Bangs, starts from US$63.

2. Color of a Wig

The color of a wig also plays a crucial role in the price of wigs. Choosing a wig with natural hair color, you can pay less than those colored and styled. Some fans tell us that sometimes they can’t find their desired wigs color in the shop, which frustrates them. To solve the problem, we suggest buying a real human hair wig with natural color at a low price and color and style it according to your preference. Only in this way can you spend less and get your desired design.

T part Lace Colored Wigs 6
CYWIGS Color BOB T Part Lace Wig

3. The length of a Wig

We know that length is also a factor that affects the price of wigs. The longer the wig, the higher the price. The difference between an 8-inch wig and a 30-inch wig is $150-$300. What is the reason? The 30-inch wig requires more hair to make, and 100% long human hair are becoming more and more scarce, so long wigs are more expensive than short cut wigs. CYWIGS offer 8 to 26 inches options for most wigs, and 28 to 38 inches custom size available. Whether you need short wigs such as BOBO wigs or long curly wigs, CYWIGS always have wigs that suit you.

4. The density of Wig

When buying a wig, density should be taken into consideration as well. For example, with the same color, style and materials, 180% density wig is definitely more expensive than 150% density wig because producers have to apply more hairs when making the thicker one. Most of CYWIGS human hair offer both 150 and 180 density for your choice.

5. The texture of a Wig

There are three main types of wigs based on their texture, curly wigs, straight wigs and wavy wigs. Currently, curly ones are at a little higher prices than the other two, since it’s more complex process as well as its popularity among customers. But don’t worry too much about it. The curly ones just cost you a few more dollars than the others. If you are really into curly wigs, just take one without hesitation.

6. Brand

It is often the case that there are hundreds of brands for almost every product. Influenced by many factors, different brands have various prices for similar quality products. It is the same with our wigs. So before you make the final decision, besides considering the texture, density, color and materials, you had better compare a few more brands. After all, the reputation of a company and its after-sales service are pretty essential to think about. If the company is trustworthy and professional, no matter what problems concerning wigs you meet, they can help you solve them in the right way in time. In CYWIGS, we offer a Free Wordwide Shipping and 30 Days Return services for all customers.

7. Customized wigs 

Some of our fans care about their preferences and they can’t find a suitable one in physical stores or even online shops. In this challenging circumstance, customized wigs can offer you 100% what you want. You can freely express your ideas about your dream wig with your wigs designer, and at the same time, they will professionally tell you which of your ideas are practical and the better ways to realize them. If you want a customized wig, don’t hesitate to contact CYWIGS, we have various patient and professional experts in this field to help you figure out how a wig will make you prettier and more confident. 

8. Installation  

For beginners or some with high standards, they require the installation of a wig. In most barbershops and physical stores selling wigs, such service is available. They are equipped with professional stylists or experienced assistants who can do you a favor. Besides, you can also contact your stylists to see if they have relevant experience so that you can learn some valuable techniques for installing your wig. Of course, it is strongly recommended that you teach yourself this technique without going out and spending extra money in the long run. Just follow our blog and read relevant articles, and you will soon discover your talent for this skill.

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Everyone wants to buy the desired wig with higher quality and lower cost, and we hope these 8 tips can help you. We always provide cost-effective wigs and professional and practical advice for our friends and clients. If you are looking for high quality human hair wigs or learn something relevant, please visit our website and leave your message.

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