Everything You Need To Know About Human Hair Weave

Human hair weaves are becoming more and more popular for stylish women. In daily life, they always tend to have a 100% perfect image so that everyone around them can admire their beauty. To show the best appearance, they will draw support from their beautiful and dense human hairs. 

Sometimes, considering high costs, they prefer to buy human hair weaves to sew a human hair wig by themselves. But they may be confused about buying the best type of human hair weave. From this article, you can know everything about human hair weaves, for example, what is a human hair weave, how to choose the best types of human hair weaves, and where you can buy bundles of human hair.

What is a hair weave?

The hair weave is a kind of artificial or natural hair extension, which is directly sewn on human hair through sewing or other methods, and it is perfectly combined with your own hair to make the hair more natural. A hair weave is usually made of two components: synthetic hair or human hair. Human hair weaves have many advantages over synthetic hair weaves. They are made of 100% natural real hair and great to make styles that look more natural and have superb elasticity. Thus, people are inclined to purchase human hair weaves. 

Human hair weaves are also necessary to constitute parts of human hair wigs. When customers buy human hair, they can sew these human hair weaves and wig cap or closure together to get a 100% human hair wig. 

Compared to a human hair wig, sewing a human hair wig with hair weave/ bundles is much cheaper. The finished product is also excellent and beautiful. Generally speaking, three bundles of Remy human hair can cost you about 100 to 200 dollars. 

Body wave, water wave, curly wave, and straight hair textures have a tremendous demand among fashionable women and girls.

What are the best human hair weaves/bundles?

100% virgin human hair bundles are undoubtedly the best hair bundle, which sell best in the market. This hair extension has never gone through any processing and maintains fine hair quality. Moreover, virgin human hair can suffer from dying, heat-treat, and all heat-styling tools. 

Among those different virgin human hair, Brazilian virgin human hair bundles, Peruvian virgin human hair bundles, Malaysian virgin human hair bundles, and Indian virgin human hair bundles are the best types of human hair bundles. 

4×4 Loose Wave Closure with Human Hair Bundles

How many bundles of hair do you need?

When you decide to make a human hair wig yourself, you need to buy at least 3-4 human hair bundles. If you want your human hair wig to look denser and is more durable, four bundles are suggested. Three human hair bundles are enough if you want to have a standard volume.

How to sew a human hair wig with human hair bundles?

1. Prepare a Swiss lace wig cap with adjustable straps

If you want to make a closure wig with human hair bundles, you can prepare a 4×4 inch Swiss lace wig cap with adjustable straps on the back. This lace closure is convenient for making partings in any direction, including the middle parting. This wig cap has glueless hairnets and is not so expensive. 

It is highly recommended to buy such a wig cap, especially with three or four combs beneath it. It will save you lots of time to sew adjustable straps and combs.

Swiss lace wig cap with adjustable straps

2. Sew hair bundles layers by layers

Use a T needle to sew these human hair bundles layer by layer. If you have prepared 3 bundles of hair extension, you can sew a piece from the right to the left of this wig cap. When you sew one layer, and there is still have an extra section of weaves, you can cut it off and restart to sew it in another layer.

After one layer is completed, you can continue to sew another layer until these 3 bundles of human hair are finished, and there is no apparent uncovered space in the wig cap. 

3. Directly install human hair bundles on your real hair

Or else, if you don’t want to buy a wig cap and your hair looks pretty good, you can skip the above two steps. On this occasion, you can go to a hair salon and install your hair bundles on your natural hair with the help of a hairstylist. You may need 1 or 2 human hair bundles to get a perfect appearance. At present, this type of combination is gradually becoming popular because it looks more natural, and your volume of hairs seems like they are doubled. 

If you choose to install your hair bundles directly, you can have all hairstyles, including high/low ponytail, charming braid, high bun, or just letting your hair down. You can also color your hair at random and make any hairstyles according to your mood.

4. Pluck excess hairs in the forehead

After that, it is suggested to pluck a few hairs in the front to look more natural.

5. Color your wig according to your taste

Then, you will get an unprocessed human hair wig. With it, you are free to color it. In 2021, wig colors, such as honey blonde, blonde highlights, glossy copper tones, never go wrong. 

CYWIGS diy your wigs color

6. Use styling tools to strengthen its wearing effect

Before wearing the wig made by yourself, you can utilize styling tools to reinforce the wearing effect. If you choose a straight wig, you can use a hair straightener. Or else, you can use a hair curler to make your curly hair.

After knowing everything about human hair weaves/bundles, you may wonder where to buy the best types. Don’t worry. CYWIGS provides all kinds of human hair bundles,bundles with closure, bundles with frontal. If you are interested in it, you can browse our hair bundles selection and choose the right one for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time, and we will try our best to give you help.

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