How to Dye Human Hair Wigs?

There is no doubt that we can dye our wig when it is necessary. Dyeing a wig has become an excellent substitute for processing our hair into various styles, which helps to save time and money for wearers. People can select different colors of dye based on different occasions, clothing styles, or even their moods. For example, a black hair wig is recommended on weekdays because it makes a person look formal and professional in the workplace. Instead, wine red, which is fashionable and attractive, is favored by many on weekends when there are amazing parties and dating.

Typically, human hair wigs are strongly suggested due to their versatility when dyeing a wig. As long as you buy a high-quality human hair wig, it will be an enjoyable experience to craft the hairstyle you are into. In this post, CYWIGS will share some relevant basic ideas of wigs, most of which are also the answers to the most asked questions by our followers, especily.

Are wigs popular nowadays?

The answer must be ‘absolutely yes.’ According to research, the number of wigs sales has increased dramatically in the past five years. Many celebrities are frequently found to wear a wig in their daily life or some big events, such as Megan Boone, Maggie Smith, Angelina Jolie, etc. This kind of news spread over on social media, inspiring fans and audiences to accept a wig as a daily thing and try it themselves.

Actually, there are different reasons for individuals to have a wig. Some people wear wigs mainly due to their medical conditions, in which some illnesses may cause hair loss and they need a wig to conceal it. While others prefer to be fashionable, but they are not willing to change their hairstyle all the time. So wigs are the perfect solution to this problem.

13x4 Highlight Lace Front Wig Loose Deep Wave Style P4 27 Color

Are wigs easy to wear?

With the development of technology, wigs have become easier and convenient to wear. What you need is a few standard tools, such as clips, combs,  grips and to follow some simple steps to install it. Even though you are a beginner, having practiced it several times, you will find your talent for installing a wig on your own. If you want to learn about the details of wig installation, just read our relevant passages, which will definitely benefit you a lot.

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What are wigs made of?  

When it comes to the content of a wig, there are two main types according to their different hair materials. They are human hair wigs and synthetic hair wigs. Both kinds are common in the market, but virgin human hair wigs are more popular nowadays.

Human hair wigs

Human hair is divided into virgin human hair and non-virgin human hair. The difference between them is whether they are processed. Most people choose human hair wigs because they look more natural and have better versatility. Therefore a human hair wig can be colored and styled effectively because it has no difference from your own hair. In addition, if properly maintained, human hair wigs can last much longer than synthetic ones.  

Synthetic hair wigs

On the other hand, synthetic wigs can also be dyed. But they are recommended to avoid switching the color because certain kinds of dye can potentially cause damage to fibers of wigs, which can never be made up for. However, there are still some strengths for synthetic wigs. Firstly, it is easier to maintain since they don’t need washing as much as real human hair wigs. Besides, its price is lower than that of a human hair wig.

Can you dye human hair wigs? 

As we mentioned above, we can dye a wig, especially a human hair wig. Based on its versatility and absorbency, a high quality human hair wig is a better choice to dye. There are a variety of ways to achieve it, two of which are the mainstream. 

How to dye human hair wigs? 

1.Choose the right color

The purpose of applying color to your wig is to make it fashionable, and there is only one standard for picking the color. You should choose a dye color opposite to your skin tone because that will complement your skin tone. 

a colorful hair style after dyeing

613 blonde wigs are also a good choice for dyeing. We had better keep in mind that the new color we choose should be no more than two Numbers of color than that of your wig hair. If it is hugely different from the original color, your wig doesn’t look as natural as expected. If the original wig is black, it can be dyed in a similar color, such as dark brown, red, etc. If it is a 613 blonde wig, it is recommended to dye it into a lighter color, such as yellow, pink, etc.

2. Prepare your hair

If you have the experience of dying your hair, you will be familiar with this stage. First, get the hair washed to clean dirt or chemicals on it. Then dry it naturally and brush it until there are not any knots or tangles.

3. Protect the lace and other parts of the wig

Spray some gel or oil as a protection on the lace and other parts. When they dry, completely cover them with spray. 

4. Apply color


The first method is to watercolor your human hair wig. It is a faster and easier way and takes only 10 minutes to go through the whole process. What you need to do is to combine hot water with a proper amount of dye and then dip your human hair wig into the mixture for no more than 5 minutes.  

watercolor your human hair wig
Source: Youtube @ShatariBaee

Brush dye

The other means is to brush dye on the human hair wig directly. Mix the dye in a small container and brush it onto the hair until the new color dye on the hair is even. Then clean it with warm water. However, you may spend more time and be more patient by using this way than the former one. 

Source: Youtube @AgainstAll Audds

5. Dry it 

Having applied color on the hair, use a clean towel to wipe the water off the wig. Then you can place it in a well-ventilated area to let it dry naturally.

How long is 20 inches wig?

20 inches equal to 50 cm, which belong to long length for wigs. Here is a picture to show what a 20 inch wig exactly looks like. Normally, there are four types for wig length, short length, medium length, long length and extra long, among which the third is the most popular. Short length includes several inches to 10, while medium length ranges from 12 to 16 inches. 17 to 24 inches belong to long length, and extra-long one is supposed to be more than 25 inches. 

Of course, everyone has her own taste and needs. It is best only when it’s you. Apart from relying on others’ examples, these are also important factors for you to consider:

  • The hair texture.
  • Density.
  • Features of your physical appearance.
  • The occasion where the wig will appear.

Once you figure out what you want, you can try different styles to make sure it looks great on your head.  Of course, 22 inch wigs are great for women, whether straight looks or curly wigs.

human hair wig length chart

What is 150% density wig and is 150% density good for a wig? 

The density of a wig means the volume of hair on your wig. 150% density is a standard for average wigs, enabling you to keep a natural look. Of course, we also have 180% density wigs for those who are fond of heavy density. Sometimes, some of our clients have special needs, and we can provide 200% density wigs for them.

human hair wig's differences between 130% denisty 150% density 180% density and 200% density

Where can I get a customized wig?

When you find average human hair wigs unable to satisfy your current needs, you are not sure how to dye a wig DIY. You had better get a customized wig, and you won’t regret it. Only in this way can you ensure every part of the wig is your favorite, such as the color, styles, density, installation and so on. If you are in this situation, don’t hesitate to contact our style expert to help you get the perfect design for your dream wig.

Here are some explanations for doubts from our fans, intended to offer general information of a wig. If you still need any further information about one of the sections above, please leave your comments here, and we will provide expertise for you. Besides, according to our introduction and guidance, you are welcome to browse our online shop CYWIGS to look for a suitable human hair wig for yourself. We have many kinds of high quality products, such as human hair wigs, lace front wigs, lace closure wigs and so on. Try to find your most desired human hair wig.

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