Difference Between Synthetic Hair And Human Hair

To have synthetic hair or to have human hair, that is a question. Both of them have pros and cons, so that you may struggle to choose a wig. However, as long as you know the difference between synthetic hair and human hair, you maybe know which one is more suitable for you.

1. Fiber and texture

Synthetic hair is made of fibers and consists of abundant plastics. Its ingredients are pretty cheap and cannot be compared to human hair. The hair texture looks a little dull, and it has a distinct shine from human hair due to its fiber and hair texture. When your synthetic hair gets tangled, even if you use a comb, you may find it is not easy to detangle it.

By comparison, a human hair wig is made of 100% real hair. Its hair texture is incomparable and always looks very natural. As we all know, when our human hair wig gets tangled, it is easy to comb it well with its 100% human hair composition. So we see that human hair is the best material for hair weaves or bundles you can choose.

2. Longevity

A synthetic hair wig can last for appropriately four to five months. After four to five months, you need to buy another one to have a good look as usual. 

However, a human hair wig can accompany you for more than a year. After one year, you can wear it well with proper care.

So, a human hair wig can serve you longer than a synthetic wig.

3. Movement

You cannot move freely with synthetic hair because its movement isn’t so natural as real hair. When you gently swing your synthetic hair, you may see the difference.

When you put on a human hair wig, you can feel it is more flexible because it is made of 100% human hair. Turning head, you may know your human hair wig can move with your head and can bounce up as if it is your hair.

4. Styling

For synthetic hair, when you use a curling iron and a hair straightener to make a style, you can see it is not so soft and silky as human hair. There may be crackles if you set the styling tools at a high temperature. Heat treating the synthetic hair is easy to make it dry and brittle. After heat treating, you may smell a disgusting odor, just as it is after burning.

But, for human hair, you can see your human hair looks healthy and glossy after using styling tools. Basically, styling it is just like styling your hair. When making styles with these styling tools, it is needless to worry that curling iron or a hair straightener will damage your hair.

Whether synthetic hair or human hair, when you make styling with styling tools, it is not suggested to set too high a temperature because it will damage your hair material.


5. Shine and natural effect

Synthetic hair has a shiny appearance. It seems it is a little dull with time and washing. Synthetic hair has a low gloss due to its fiber so that it always looks unnatural as human hair. 

Human hair looks very healthy and beautiful since it is 100% human hair. And it will look pretty elegant and natural. After you take care of your human hair and apply some conditioner, you will find that the gloss is very natural and beautiful. You can’t wait to put it on and enjoy the compliments it brings to you.

6. Maintenance

Synthetic hair is easy to maintain. You don’t have to restyle your wig regularly. 

Human hair needs a little more maintenance. You have to wash it and apply conditioner to it regularly.

7. Price

Synthetic hair is not so expensive as human hair. As we all know, synthetic hair’s raw materials are cheap and not so labor-intensive, which will significantly save costs. Accordingly, synthetic hair won’t charge so high and is more affordable.

When making a human hair wig, it will take lots of time and labor to finish it. All human hair wigs are 100% human hair, which is time-consuming to collect the material. To achieve a natural effect, most manufacturing procedures of human hair wigs are hand-made. The costs are pretty high, so the price is higher than synthetic hair wig.

8. Color

For synthetic hair, its color can stay long and won’t fade during its service time. But when you put on a synthetic wig, affected by its glossiness, the color seems less realistic and natural than that of human hair.

Human hair will get oxidized. And it is likely to fade in color. But since it is close to the wearing effect of real hair, wearing a human hair wig has a natural color and looks very real when you wear it. In addition, you can dye human hair as you like, and the effect is very realistic, unmatched by other artificial hair.

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9. Weight

Synthetic hair is lighter than human hair because it has light material. 

Human hair is denser than synthetic hair. Human hair itself is heavier than any other fiber material. 

In conclusion, human hair has incomparable advantages compared to synthetic hair in some respects. Human hair has long durability and natural effect, can move more freely and naturally, is easy to make styling, looks more shining, owns a beautiful color, and is lightweight. In general, human hair is more expensive than synthetic hair. But, when it comes to maintenance, synthetic hair spends less time than a human hair. 

Therefore, an increasing number of customers prefer to buy human hair due to its numerous advantages. 

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