Colored Wigs, Let’s Get Colorful

When shopping or walking on the street, you may often observe lots of beautiful girls whose hair is color-treated. These girls wear blonde, orange ginger, purple, brown, or ombre hair. It seems that they are full of vigor and look very confident. 

If you admire their colorful hairs, want to try, and don’t want to dye your hair after thinking twice, the best solution for you is to choose colored human hair wigs

Here will bring you some beautiful and colored wigs to solve your problems. Based on the market research, the following wigs are best-selling in the market. Check it out and pick the one that suits you!

13X4 613 Blonde Lace Wig

The blonde wig is stunning and shiny, which makes others regard you as a charming goddess after wearing it. When the sun shines on your hair bundles, your blonde human hair wig looks glittering. Soft and durable Swiss lace is invisible, breathable, and comfortable for you to wear. You can style your baby hair around your forehead. This 13 X4 613 Blonde Lace Frontal Wig Body Wave has a free part, which means you can part any way. You could adjust the wig cap size with adjustable straps. Solid combs will help you to firm the wig. If you prefer a lovely blonde color, this blonde wig is a good choice.

13X4-lace-front-wigs-body wave-Blonde 613color-2

T Part Lace Wig 1B99J

Admittedly, T part wigs are very friendly and beneficial to your hair. This type of T part lace wig is made of 100% human hair to look incredibly realistic. It is also very easy-to-wearing each time you put on this T part lace wig, especially for beginners. 

Since there is lace in the T-shaped part, you can make partings in this area. Plus, it is possible to make baby hairs with your actual hair to achieve a natural effect.

The body wave wig has a bit soft wave, which is attractive and charming. It has transparent lace and can match your skin perfectly. The length is usually from 14 inches to 26 inches. The colored lace front wigs IB99J will be your good choice.

body wave t part lace wig 1b99j color

4×4 Kinky Curly Lace Closure Wig

This kinky curly lace closure wig has a 4×4 inches breathable and durable Swiss lace. This type of wig has an extremely curly hair weave, just like instant noodles. Many young women prefer this kinky curly highlight wig, and it is the best seller here. Some people call it Beyonce Style Honey Piano Highlights Wig.

This kinky curly wig looks very energetic and sexy. With soft Swiss lace, you can make curly baby hair according to your mood. Since the lace closure is designed, you can make any parting in the direction you want. With this wig, your friends or boyfriend may think you have beautiful hair. With this wig, you can match all kinds of clothes.

13X6-Kinky-Curly-Highlight-P4 27-Lace-Front-Wig 3

13X4 Orange Ginger Lace Frontal Wig

Orange ginger is a good option for wig customers to dye. This color looks relatively fashionable and hot, so that lots of enthusiastic girls love this color. This color is also very fit for women who are at work. Wearing such a colored wig may make your boss think you are an excellent and experienced woman. 

Body wave never goes wrong. It will show others you are calm and elegant. She can be described as “graceful as winding stream, hot as fire.”

13×4 lace frontal wigs are best-selling in the wig market. Compared to a full lace wig, its price is affordable for major wig fans. With regards to its effect, it is very natural and beautiful. You can also separate your hairs in any direction. The Swiss lace is matched with your skin color, and you can apply foundations to this lace area. With this 13×4 lace frontal wig, baby hair is a plus for your style. 

13X4 Lace Front OranBody wave ginger clor wig 13X4 Lace Front wigge Ginger Color 1

The above four types of wigs are prevalent, and their color looks pretty good and elegant. If you want to change your dull hair and try something new, visit our human hair collection and look for your new look. CYWIGS online store offers any custom colored wigs, including short colored wigs. If you have any ideas about it, Pls feel free to contact us.

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