Which Wigs Color Looks Best On Me?

Wigs are a necessity for many women, which make you look fashionable and enhance your whole temperament. How to choose the right wigs color is very important. It should match your skin and face shape. And how to choose colors for your wig? Selecting a color can be more challenging because you are unsure which color is the best for you. Cywigs have more than 30 colors and a variety of wigs for you to choose from. Whatever wigs color and styles you like, we can make them for you.

In this article, we will talk about the following 6 pointsÔľö

1. Choose the right wig according to your face shape

The face shape will tell you the type of wig that suits you best. Long faces, round faces, or other face shapes require different wig lengths and colors to match. If you have problems choosing wigs with suitable styles and colors, please feel free to contact us. At CYWIGS, our professional staff can help you to solve this problem.

 Oval face

If you have an oval face, any hairstyle will suit you, long wig or short wig, straight or curly wig. You can choose some wigs with bangs or wavy style wigs that smooth lines flaw the lower jaw and make the whole face vivid and streamlined. Body Wave Long Wig With Bangs Human Hair is a mid-long style with body waves, which gives this style a romantic appeal, 8-26 inches available. Black is a perfect color, which is suitable for African-American women.

CYWIGS body wave human hair wig with bangs 10 to 26 inches

— Round face

If you have a round face, we recommend medium-length straight or curly style wigs, which will make you younger and beautiful. Long curls can add length to the front and lengthen the facial lines, making cheeks look narrower. 4√ó4 Kinky Curly Lace Closure Wigs with more hair on the top of the head to visually reduce the width of the round face and make it look thinner.

CYWIGS 4X4 lace closure wig Kinky Curly Short Wigs

Square face

The square face is square, so do not choose an overly flat or straight hairstyle when choosing a wig. Try curly hairstyles, which will make a face look soft and make you gentle and charming. If you want to soften the angle of your face, then long layers like long wavy wigs are the perfect wigs for you. Please don’t go for a straight hairstyle that deliberately grows to the chin, which will make your face longer.

4√ó4 Highlight Body Wave Lace Closure Wig is a wavy, mid-length human hair wig that looks incredibly natural and charming. 8-26 inches available. Each soft body wave is designed to add interest and movement to this long style.

4x4 Highlight Body Wave Lace Closure Wig 2

Diamond face

If you have a diamond-shaped face, your cheekbones are probably the widest part of your face. If you want your chin line to look broader, short bob wigs is a good choice. Whether straight, wavy, or curly, the mid-length layer looks excellent on the diamond-shaped face. It is more suitable to choose a medium-length hairstyle, especially a hairstyle that is a little more fluffy on the forehead and plump on the chin so that the overall feeling will be very coordinated.

T part 13x6x1 BOBO Straight Lace Wig 1

2. Types of wigs color

There are three types of wigs colors:

-1) Quite type of “coffee color”: linen, chestnut, brown, milk coffee, dark coffee, light coffee, yellow

-2) Bold color: red, blue, green, purple, white, pink.

-3) Fashion highlight color: mix 2 or 3 colors, which is the mix version. Such as color P4/27. P4/30

When choosing wigs colors, many people prefer the type of coffee color or highlight color. These two wigs colors are suitable for the workplace. Here is the wigs color sheet for you to reference.

wigs color options chart
wigs color options chart

3. Choose the perfect hair color for your skin tone

If you are a beginner to choose the wig, we sincerely recommend you select the color closer to your natural hair color.

White skin tone: Soft colors such as light brown, light brown-red will make your face lively and rosy. 

Yellowish skin tone: Natural black and light brown color or some other darker color is suitable.

Natural skin tone: healthy and shiny skin tone, so many color options for you. Such as black, wine red, deep purple, dark coffee.

Dark skin tone: Natural black, orange, These colors will make you so bright. 

It is crucial to choose a hair color that matches your skin tone. Because hair colors close to or slightly lighter than your skin tone will brighten your complexion and make you look younger, more attractive and more energetic. In addition, good hair color will bring out your features, make people impressive and make you outstanding in the crowd.

We all know cool tones and warm tones. However, do you know whether your skin tone is a warm tone or cold tone? How to distinguish? Here are 3 tips for you.

1) An good way to determine skin tone is to check the vein color. Check the veins from your face and neck or around the face and neck. Alternatively, check it from your wrist. If you can see blue or purple veins on your wrist, it means your skin tone is cold colors. If green with vein color means your skin tone is warm colors. If you are not sure what colors for your vein, It may be neutral. 

2) Look better in silver or gold color? Which one of these two colors is usually better for you? Generally, Warm skin tone matches in gold and cold matches in silver. Neutral skin tones look great in either color.

3) We recommend brown, honey brown, gold, orange, or red if you are warm tones. Such as honey blonde wigs and brown highlight wigs. If you have cold tones, Try grey wigs, light blonde wigs, purple wigs or blue wigs. For neutral tones, we recommend black wigs or any colored wigs you like.

4. Choose the color according to the occasion

We need different wigs for different occasions. For example, we need casual-style wigs for casual occasions. So you need some simple colors such as brown color.

If in the workplace, black or light colors are a great solution for you.

Going to the party with friends? You need a colored wig such as purple, red, or pink wig.

Looking for a unique style? You can try any colors you like or try something bright. What you need to do is match your clothes.

T Part Lace Wig Ginger Orange Straight Wig

Wigs can be worn on different occasions, such as work, travel, leisure, dinners. Wear it according to your dress style. It can make your image varied and attractive.

Does brown fashionable? This color brightens your face and makes your facial features more beautiful and outstanding. 613 blonde and honey blonde color is a trendy color. If you choose this kind of color, such a dazzling girl you are! 

People have different color tastes. If you do not like fancy colors, blonde or brown may not suit you.

5. Tips for choosing a wig

1) We usually choose the perfect wig according to the quality, color, face shape. When choosing a wig for beginners, try to choose the wig color similar to your natural hair color.

2) 100% human hair means long life. It can be washed, blown, dyed, cut, or straightened. For long-time wear, we recommend 100% human hair rather than synthetic hair.

3) It is recommended to choose a thin, realistic, breathable, and comfortable wig. Lace front wigs and lace closure wigs are good choices. 

4) Human hair can be trimmed or reshaped, straightened or curled according to your preference. We highly recommend human hair wigs.

5) Take good care of the wig. If the straight hair is deformed, spray some water and dry it with cool air, or straighten it with a hair straightener. Do not forget to apply some hairspray on it. For curly wigs, let your wigs dry naturally after washing, and then spray some water to make the style last longer. Alternatively, have your hairstylist take care of it for you.

6. Where can I buy high-quality wigs

Are you looking for high-quality colored wigs? We recommend CYWIGS online store.

CYWIGS provide high-end colored¬†wigs, highlight wigs, natural black wigs in different sizes and densities. Wavy style, straight style, whatever you want. All are made in high-quality 100% human hair. There is nothing to compare with the feel, comfort, and movement¬†of a human hair wig. Use coupon code “CY8” to get a extra 8% off, enjoy your shopping time on CYWIGS.

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