Can You Swim With a Wig?

In summer, people always like going swimming and enjoying the refreshing feeling. If you are a wig lover and often wear a wig in daily life, you may want to swim with a wig. But you may wonder whether you can put on a wig during swimming and can the wig on your head falls off? Never mind, in this article, you will know all answers about going swimming with a wig.

Can you swim with a wig?

Of course, you can swim with a wig. 

Understandably, you want to keep your perfect image at any time, even when you go swimming. After taking some necessary measures, swimming with a wig can be realized, and you will never worry about any embarrassing things during swimming. 

How to swim with a wig?

1. Use the waterproof wig glue

When you wear a 13X6 lace front wig or colorful lace front wig, you want to show off your beautiful wig without taking it off. Waterproof glue is the best solution. And it is very helpful to secure your human hair wig tightly. This type of glue won’t appear as obvious white glue after getting in touch with water. Even when you stay in water for a long time, your wig can be secured on your head without any deformation. 

2. Swim with a synthetic wig rather than a human hair wig

We all know that human hair wigs are sewn in 100% human hairs, which are pretty expensive than synthetic hair wigs. You may be very upset if your beautiful wig is damaged by swimming. Therefore, it is advised to go swimming with a synthetic wig. 

3. Swim with a short lace front wig

In fact, a short lace front wig is a great choice for you if you want to go swimming and don’t want your wig to get messy. 

4. Braid your long wig

If you prefer to wear a long wig, you can braid your wig before swimming. Your long wig will maintain neatness and smoothy when you go swimming. You can make a low ponytail or braids, which look very beautiful and charming.

5. Use a swimming cap

Believe it or not, a swimming cap is the best tool to secure your wig. When you put on a swimming cap, people around you won’t have any abnormal feelings. You can also wear your wig underneath it. With a swimming cap, you can feel more comfortable and relaxed when you swim. 

Tips for swim with a wig:

1. Do not swim very frequently

Although the tips mentioned above can eliminate your worries and help you swim at ease, it is highly suggested that you reduce the frequency of swimming with a wig. For the first thing, swimming with a wig will shorten the service times of your human hair wig. For another thing, your wig may get messy after swimming, which is not suitable for your wig. 

2. Test whether the wig is tightly secured with those measures

Even you have made the measures mentioned above to secure your wig, and You should test the degree of stability. If you have a swimming pool at home, you can jump into the pool several times and see whether your wig will fall off. If not, congratulations! You can go swimming with your friends without any worries.

3. Wash your wig if your wig is soaked in a seawater

As we all know, the brine will damage your wig, so that you should wash it quickly after it has been soaked in seawater.

4. Apply conditioner to your wig

Your human hair wig is bound to look shinier when you put more attention on it. After swimming, you can rinse your wig with warm water and apply conditioner to your wig. 

All in all, you can go swimming with a wig. But please keep in mind that you should reduce the times when you swim with a wig. In addition, you should take good measures to protect your wig from falling off and being damaged. 

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