All You Need to Know About Headband Wigs

If you are interested in wearing a wig with a beautiful headband, headband wigs are the best choices. But before purchasing, you should learn something about a headband wig. After getting familiar with such a wig, you may be fond of wearing a headband wig since it is easy to wear, has colorful and charming bands, and possesses lots of hairstyles and sizes.

In this post, you will learn:

  1. What is a headband wig?
  2. What’s the difference between headband wigs and regular lace wigs?
  3. How to put on a headband wig?
  4. How to wash a headband wig?
  5. How to style a headband wig?
  6. Best Headband Wigs for African American

What is a headband wig?

To put it simply, a headband wig is a wig with a natural-color band sewn along the wig head circumference. In order to secure it tightly, there are two or three combs beneath the headband cap. It also has an adjustable velcro strap to make it fit your head size, whether your head is large or small. This type of wig is also called a half wig in the market because it only covers almost half a scalp, and your natural hair will be exposed to air and shown to others. Usually, when you put on a headband wig, glue can be saved because it is glueless. With this design, you can enjoy a natural and charming appearance and feel good about its convenience. 

What’s the difference between headband wigs and regular lace wigs?

A regular lace wig has a closure of lace in the front. When you put on a lace wig, you need to cut extra lace, and sometimes you should use glue to secure it tightly. In comparison, a headband wig has no lace in the front and is glueless, and you only need to cover half your scalp. The other difference between these two kinds of wigs is that a headband isn’t necessary for regular lace wigs, while it is a must for half wigs with headbands when you want to have a good look. 


How to put on a headband wig?

1. Prep your hair to sleek it down

You can use a comb to comb your natural hair. Try to make your own hair as untangled as much as possible. Your own natural hair will be covered underneath a headband wig. Therefore, if your hair is flat and smooth, the final appearance will show perfect easily.

2. Tie up your natural hair

You can use a rubber band to tie up your hair into a bun or a low ponytail if you have long hair. Braiding your long hair is also advisable. If your hair is short, the only thing you need to do is comb it and make it smooth. After that, you need to put on a wig cap to secure your natural hair, which will show your hairstyle is flatter and smoother. 

3. Use a little gel to make some edges

Generally speaking, this step isn’t a must because you can also make no edges as you like. If you think after making some edges will look more natural, this step will help a lot. Here, a wig brush is highly recommended, which can help you to make your hair edges. You can apply some gels onto your hair edges and then brush them into the shape you want.

Use a little gel to make some edges when put on a wig
Source: Youtube @Olineece

4. Keep the edge’s shape with a soft band or scarf

To maintain the shape of the edges, you can use a soft band or scarf to wrap around your head. Wait for several minutes to make these gels dry. 

5. Care your headband wig before putting it on

If you bought a straight headband wig, you could utilize a hair iron to straighten it out. If you bought a curly headband wig, you could use a wide-tooth brush to comb it and throw away some falling human hairs. We know that wigs are packaged in a bag, so their shape can’t be maintained as the original one. With this step, you can make your hair show great vigor and get a better result.

Use a hair straightener to maintain your wig
Source: Youtube @XOXO SHEBA

6. Flip your headband wig on your head and use combs to secure it

You need to hold the two sides of the wig and then flip it on your head. After that, you can look at the mirror and adjust your wig to a proper place. It is suggested to make your edges come out since this detail will show others a more natural appearance. Generally speaking, your headband is placed above your ears. Don’t forget those combs beneath the cap. You can turn those combs into your natural hair, which will guarantee the headband wig is tightly secured on your head.

Flip your headband wig on your head and use combs to secure it
Source: Youtube @Olineece

7. Choose your favorite band to decorate yourself

In this step, you can shorten the headband and choose your favorite band to put on. There are rich and colorful headbands in the market. You can buy some bands with cute patterns. When you choose a band to decorate yourself, it is advised to choose one that can match your clothes and whole style.

Source: Youtube @Olineece

That’s all about putting on a headband wig. Following those steps, you can put on your wig correctly. 

How to wash a headband wig?

1. Wet your headband wig under running water

Adjust water temperature and wait that warm water is coming out. Hold the wig to be washed under running water and make it saturated with water. 

2. Apply a certain amount of shampoo on your cap

At first, you can apply shampoo on your cap and then gently smear it until there come out small white bubbles. Pay attention to the combs under it and avoid rubbing those combs since it will shorten their lifespans. 

3. Apply a certain amount of shampoo to your human hair

You need to apply shampoo to your human hair from the top to the end. Then you can use your hand to spread shampoo evenly and use your fingers to comb for several times. Next, a wide-tooth comb can be used to comb your hair and make your human hair untangled. After that, put it aside for two minutes and wait for the shampoo to work out.

4. Rinse your headband wig under running water 

Rinse shampoo out of your wig under running water. 

5. Apply conditioner on your human hair and rinse again 

Use a conditioner to care for your wig, and after that, please rinse the human hair under rerunning water to wash away the conditioner.

6. Put your headband wig aside and air dry it

All washing steps are finished. You can get a shining and smooth headband wig. Do not forget to put it on a wig stand and air dry it.

How to style a headband wig?

On the one hand, you can start to style your headband wig from your hairstyle. You can make a high ponytail or a low ponytail, a high bun. What’s more, you can braid your wig. Your hairstyle can be changed according to your mood. On the other hand, you can choose various headbands, scarfs, and hair hoops to decorate yourself. You can make your hairstyles and designs, and it has endless possibilities.

6 charming hairstyles for your headband wig
Source: Youtube @Crowned K

Best Headband Wigs for African American

Body wave glueless headband wigs

100% human hair, nothing compares with the realistic feel of human hair. Available in different colors and sizes. Fantastic look for daily life. You will sure to love this kind of affordable headband wigs.

Body Wave Headband Wig For blcack women

Water wave human hair headband wigs

This is the style of long headband wigs, which is romantic with a bouncy water wave. 100% human hair means you can style it to match your mood.

Headband Wigs Water Wave Human Hair Wigs For Women Brazilian

At CYWIGS online shop, you can find the perfect wigs for you. No matter blonde headband wig, gray headband wig, or headband bob wig. The headband wig is snap to wear, and it is perfect for a beginner.

All in all, if you love a changeable design and style, a headband wig is a good choice for you. A shining and amazing look will be made with such a headband wig. Let’s try to be a shining girl and have a beautiful appearance with the help of headband wigs.

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